Best Fleet Management Software Based on Reviews


G2 Crowd, a platform for comparisons of business software and services based on user reviews and ratings, has named Verizon Connect the number one provider of fleet tracking and management. With over two hundred reviews and an average user rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, Verizon Connect is not only one of the most highly rated but also one of the most celebrated software businesses on the platform.

A large number of reviews on the platform, the majority of which come from users in the transportation and construction industries, cite the “versatility of the GPS fleet management system” as a major asset when it comes to making their business run more efficiently while saving valuable time.

The overarching benefit of Verizon Connect is simple for customers: they receive a full 360-degree view of their fleet’s daily operations, enabling them to dispatch more efficiently, improve customer service and reduce time spent calling drivers for updates. Additionally, the products and solutions offered by Verizon Connect can help owners and fleet managers position their business for success in a connected, mobile, data-based world.

When it comes to customer service, Jeremy L. writes, “The personal customer service is the best part of being a part of this program.”

Read on to find out why customers rate Verizon Connect miles ahead of the competition when it comes to service, quality and helping to improve their operations.

What are customers saying?

Verizon Connect customers are experiencing the benefit of a sophisticated and robust solution backed by a powerful network and strong support services. Here are some comments directly from customers:

“We've been with Verizon Connect fleet tracking since 2012, and each year gets better and easier to track our fleet. The customer service is great, we've never had an issue, if we have questions, they're [sic] response time is fast and they always answer any questions we have quickly and are always happy to help.” (Anika B.)

Verizon Fleet Tracking has been a great asset to our business. We really like the geofencing, as well as the speed and time tracking, and we utilize all of these features in our day to day operations.” (Jillian H.)

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“Web based app and phone apps for both Android and iOS. The website and phone apps are very easy to use and show every vehicle in your fleet on a real-time map. You can get reports on position histories and other useful metrics to make sure your workforce is spending their time in the field as optimally as possible.” (David W.)

“Easy system to use and very friendly customer service. They are also very knowledgeable. Always quick to answer questions or solve problems. They always either call or email to check and make sure that my question or problem was solved.” (Mikiel C.)

For many owners, ensuring that their drivers are operating their vehicles safely is not only critical for others on the road, but is necessary to protect the reputation of their business. “Speed is the biggest issue and some driving habits like hard cornering or hard stops have helped change culture”, says Bob C. “When the operators know you can see what they are doing.”

What business problems does Verizon Connect solve for you?

“All of our drivers are very aware of the fleet tracking system and take better care of the vehicles. We average four thousand miles a month on each vehicle and we have noticed we are getting more miles out of a vehicle before we trade.” (Shane W.)

“Keeping our employees honest. Tracking our equipment has been a major asset. We have also had vehicles and equipment stolen in the past, and although we haven't had anything stolen since implementing the system I am confident it will prove useful in asset recovery should anything like that happen in the future.” (Miguel A.)

“We are able to see when trucks are idling for no reason, when drivers are not taking direct routes, and how long they are stopping for lunch, and address any issues to save us money. Most importantly, we also are able to give customers approximate delivery times by checking where vehicles currently are as well as see if drivers are driving poorly (ie: speeding, etc). (Robert M.)

Service tech late arrivals—allows us to communicate with the client so there is no disappointment when they are waiting. Allows us to call clients to give 1/2 hr notice before arrival, allows us to get help for techs if needed by seeing which other fleet is in the area.” (Diana P.)

As a leading provider of fleet management technology, Verizon Connect is in a unique position to help businesses like yours navigate and come out ahead when it comes to safety, efficiency and cost savings. Learn more about how our fleet management solutions have helped businesses like yours.

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