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From EV advisory and charger installation to operations and maintenance, NextEra Mobility has the expertise and resources to help you electrify your fleet.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)
Solution type:
Required software:
Verizon Connect Fleet, Verizon Connect Reveal
Supported region:
United States
NextEra Mobility


NextEra Mobility is combining its fleet electrification expertise with Verizon’s data to provide customized EV transition planning and infrastructure solutions tailored to your fleet’s specific needs. 

NextEra Mobility’s advisory team delivers a clear and actionable plan for adding EVs to your fleet, backed by data and input from across your organization. NextEra Mobility’s infrastructure team finances and develops the charging infrastructure to support your EVs - including long-term O&M for equipment reliability, as well as our user-friendly charging management software ZEVi. NextEra also offers access to plug-and-play, reservable offsite charging and parking capacity for a growing number of major highway routes and metro areas.


NextEra Mobility simplifies the decision-making process related to EV model selection, charging needs and incentive eligibility, providing you with clear guidance about what electrification options are possible for your fleet. 

You will receive data-driven recommendations and support throughout your journey as you determine the best approach for your specific fleet operations.

NextEra Mobility can design, build and finance the chargers needed to power the EVs in your fleet with no upfront cost. 

Once chargers are installed, our proprietary charging management software platform ZEVi can reduce EV charging electricity costs up to 80% from baseline.

NextEra Mobility gives you access to a long-term provider of both onsite and offsite charging and energy solutions for your EVs.

NextEra Mobility is part of NextEra Energy, one of the biggest energy infrastructure developers in the U.S., with a project portfolio that includes 1000+ charger installs, 150+ fleet electrification plans and a growing network of fleet-accessible charging hubs.


Data-driven guidance on EV selection and feasibility – including total cost of ownership, emissions and charging requirements

Charging infrastructure development and financing - design, build, and finance the chargers you need to power your EVs

Offsite charging flexibility through reservable, plug-and- play offsite E-Ports for additional charging capacity

Charger management and O&M - our O&M service keeps your chargers running smoothly, and our powerful, easy-to-use ZEVi software optimizes EV charging to lower your energy costs and helps your team manage the EVs in your fleet


NextEra Mobility is the premier provider of comprehensive and adaptable EV fleet solutions. We are part of the NextEra Energy family of companies, the #1 energy investor in North America and backed by eIQ Mobility, the #1 provider of fleet electrification assessments for utilities, OEMs and organizations. NextEra Energy, a Fortune 200 company and America’s fifth largest infrastructure investor, has already committed $215M+ to EV infrastructure development with plans for ongoing development.

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