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How to improve the customer experience

Near real-time ETAs (estimated times of arrival) and customer ratings and reviews can help improve your customer’s experience and your field service business operations. Customer appointment confirmations and reminders improve communication as well.

Provide ETA tracking to customers

With automated appointment reminders and ETA tracking, you can keep customers informed about when to expect a technician. Customer ratings and reviews help you understand how your technicians are performing.

Book a job

The dispatcher books a job on the technician’s calendar.

Send a reminder

The system will send an automatic appointment confirmation and reminder to the customer.

Provide a tracking ETA

Once the technician is on their way to the job, the customer will be notified of their estimated arrival time.

Request a rating and review

After the job is complete, you can ask the customer to provide a job rating and review.

How Field Service Dispatch works

  • 1

    Receive a job request from a customer.


    Book a job based on technician availability, skill set, location and whether they know the customer.


    Automatically send a customer appointment confirmation.

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    View job schedule and job details on a mobile device.


    Receive new jobs as they are dispatched.


    Provide job status and proof of service back to the office.

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    See job status and vehicle location on the live map.


    Provide more accurate ETA to customer.


    Offer a more responsive customer experience.

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    Get an appointment confirmation and reminder via text message or email.


    Receive a notification when the technician is on the way.


    Once a job is complete, submit a rating and review of the job and technician.

How can ETA tracking and automated appointment reminders help me?

Appointment reminders and near real-time ETAs help improve communication for everyone.

  • Customers are reminded of their appointment time and other important details.
  • Dispatchers don’t have to call technicians to get their location and status.
  • Customers know when the technician will arrive and can be prepared.
  • Technicians can avoid being on the phone as they drive or finish up their last job.

What does an integrated system mean?

Our fleet tracking and customer ETA tracking are integrated. That means if you want to book a job and send a reminder, request a customer rating, or track a vehicle, you login to the same system, whether you’re on your desktop or working through the mobile app. It means fewer clicks and less hassle, helping you to make quicker decisions and be more productive.

Frequently asked questions

What is ETA tracking?

ETA tracking allows customers to see in near real time when a technician is on their way to their home or business to perform a job. The notification can be sent via text message or email, and it allows the customer to prepare for the technician’s visit.

What is an automated appointment reminder?

An automated appointment reminder is a notification sent via text message or email to remind a customer of an upcoming job that is scheduled. These reminders and service alerts help the customer to remember the work is scheduled and can help reduce the number of last-minute cancellations.

How does ETA tracking work?

ETA tracking uses the GPS location of the technician’s assigned vehicle and the location of the customer’s home or job site to estimate a time of arrival. Once the technician changes their status to “On my way,” the ETA notification will be sent to the next scheduled customer.

Who is ETA tracking for?

ETA tracking is built for the field service industry, including those who perform services for plumbing, HVAC, pest control, electrical and other services requiring skilled technicians.

How do I request a customer rating and review?

Once a job has been performed, there will be an option to request a rating and review. If the customer submits one, you can then read the review and see the rating, as well as the technician who performed the work. If there are any issues that need to be addressed, you can do so right away.

How can ETA tracking help my business?

ETA tracking helps improve your communication with customers without needing your technician or dispatcher to call them to provide an up-to-date ETA. By streamlining this communication digitally, it provides more time for those workers to focus on the job at hand. It can also help improve the overall customer experience.

How can automated appointment reminders help my business?

Customers today expect good communication and want to know the status of their job from start to finish. Making sure they are reminded of their upcoming appointment and arrival information helps to reduce cancellations and helps the customer be prepared for the technician coming out.

How can customer ratings and reviews help my business?

Requesting ratings and reviews from customers can help you keep track of technician performance and address those problems before they become issues for your customers. It can also help you understand overall company performance by showing an average rating for specified periods of time.

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