Electronic proof of delivery software

A proof of delivery system for your fleet

Make mobile proof of delivery easy for your drivers with custom paperless forms to capture important data from the field. Reduce manual data entry and allow the back office to view the data right away.

Top features for proof of delivery software

Help improve customer satisfaction with streamlined processes and c ommunication.

Take photos

When a delivery is complete, take a photo and upload it from the field.

Signature capture

Collect signatures from customers as proof of a completed delivery or service.

Mobile app

Drivers can submit proof-of-delivery forms on their smartphones (Android or iPhone) through the mobile app.

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Document vehicle location and date/time for delivery attempts at customer locations.

How Field Service Dispatch works

  • 1

    Receive a job request from a customer.


    Book a job based on technician availability, skill set, location and whether they know the customer.


    Automatically send a customer appointment confirmation.

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    View job schedule and job details on a mobile device.


    Receive new jobs as they are dispatched.


    Provide job status and proof of service back to the office.

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    See job status and vehicle location on the live map.


    Provide more accurate ETA to customer.


    Offer a more responsive customer experience.

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    Get an appointment confirmation and reminder via text message or email.


    Receive a notification when the technician is on the way.


    Once a job is complete, submit a rating and review of the job and technician.

Benefits of electronic proof of delivery software

  • View all data collected in a central location
  • Make reporting easier and reduce paperwork for drivers
  • Use offline forms to capture data in remote areas

An integrated fleet system for electronic proof of delivery

Integrate your proof of delivery solution with the rest of your fleet management system.

  • Track vehicles, ETAs, compliance and fuel use
  • Coach your drivers with scorecards and dashcam footage
  • Offer commercial navigation and roadside assistance for drivers
  • Improve route planning and driver schedules

Frequently asked questions

What is electronic proof of delivery (EPoD)?

Electronic proof of delivery software allows your drivers to record in a system that they provided a delivery to a customer to help meet customer expectations.

How does this feature work?

Drivers use their mobile device to take pictures of the completed delivery and/or collect electronic signatures from the customer confirming their delivery was made. Those pictures and signatures are then stored in the software so that anyone with access to that data can view it as needed.

Who is this for?

The proof of delivery software feature is built for the fleet industry, including long-haul trucking and national/local delivery fleets. It can also be used by other companies who have fleets and need to provide proof that a delivery was completed or a load was dropped off.

How does this benefit my business?

Proof of delivery software can help you settle customer disputes about whether a load was dropped off. It reduces time-consuming manual processes and the amount of paperwork that has to be kept track of by drivers. It provides a historical record of what deliveries were made, so you can reference them as needed. No matter who comes and goes in your company, all your data is stored in an easy-to-access software system by your dispatchers, drivers or other staff. This helps streamline your company and make it more efficient, so you can focus on improved customer satisfaction.

Can this tool integrate with other software I have?

Our custom forms tool can integrate with third-party systems, so your fleet data can talk to your ERP/CRM/TMS systems. This can help get billing/invoicing out more quickly to help you get paid more quickly.

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