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Hot Fleet Trends: New Administration, The Economy & Trucking Policy


There's little argument that 2020 was one of the most memorable years in recent memory: a worldwide pandemic, a resulting cratering of the economy, and a hotly contested presidential campaign. As the economy begins to recover and a new administration pursues its agenda, fleet managers can start planning for the future instead of reacting to the present.

Watch now to learn more about:

  1. How regulations will change fleet operations.
  2. What to look forward to on the infrastructure front as the new administration takes over 
  3. Why transportation safety will become a national priority.
  4. Will there be a levelling of the playing field with uniform driver regulations replacing conflicting state and local laws?

Know the speakers:

David Cullen, Contributing Editor, Heavy Duty Trucking

David Heller, Vice President of Government Affairs, Truckload Carriers Association

David Osiecki, President & CEO, Scopelitis Transportation Consulting

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