Alessandro Lori, PhD

Alessandro Lori, PhD

Head of Data Products

Alessandro Lori, PhD, has 10+ years of experience in Web Software Development and Research in the field of data science and machine learning. In 2011, he has founded KKT srl, serving as CEO of the startup and successfully leading the company to the launch of, an innovative Route Optimization SaaS tool for SMB service businesses. In 2014, KKT srl was acquired by Fleetmatics Group PLC, a leading global provider of mobile workforce SaaS solutions. He served as Product Engineering Leader and Head of Data Science for Fleetmatics until 2016, when the company was acquired by Verizon. He is currently Head of Data Products for Verizon Connect. He is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Italian companies of the group, KKT Srl, Fleetmatics Italia Srl and Visirun Spa.

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