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Self-Service API for Fleet Tracking

By Verizon Connect September 19, 2022

We’re excited to reveal a new feature from Verizon Connect. We are launching a quick and easy way for customers to request access to APIs right from the Marketplace – giving you more control and transparency over the initial integration process. We know how precious your time is and every minute of the day counts so we’re working hard to make the telematics onboarding process as seamless as possible.

Who is the Self-Service API for?

For new and existing Reveal customers around the globe looking to integrate with custom or 3rd party applications.

Why are we launching it? 

This will provide a better experience for customers, save time, reduce confusion, and lead to quicker integration.

What are its key features?

  • No additional cost from Verizon Connect: Customers can now take advantage of all APIs for no additional cost from Verizon Connect and there will no longer be standard and premium APIs.
  • Easy Access: Self-registration with our Verizon Connect Development Portal will allow customers to quickly get started using the APIs.
  • Automation: Verizon Connect representatives will no longer need to be part of the API onboarding process, allowing customers to have more autonomy over the set-up. 

What benefits can I expect? 

  • A “one stop shop” for service: Customers can easily explore information and request integrations and APIs all from one convenient spot.
  • Easy onboarding: With just a few simple steps, customers can request access to APIs getting them onboarded faster and saving them time. 
  • Improved workflow 

You can quickly start connecting your solutions to Verizon Connect Reveal and improving your business. Check out what our customers are saying about how easy it is to set up Verizon Connect. 

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