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Verizon Connect named Best Fleet Tracking & Management in G2 Reviews

By Verizon Connect November 19, 2021

#1 spot in Small Business Fleet Management with a G2 score of 87
#1 spot in Implementation Fleet Management and Route Planning

The data is in: Verizon Connect has been named the #1 leader for Small Business Fleet Management software in G2’s Fall 2021 Report. G2 users have also named Verizon Connect #1 in Fleet Management Software and Route Planning Software. These G2 categories are representative of the factors telematics users consider when deciding what software to purchase.

According to G2 rankings, Verizon Connect software is repeatedly awarded 5 stars by users, with high satisfaction around platform features. Here’s a sampling of some direct user reviews from the G2 site:

October 12, 2021: “Great Customer Service!”
“Our experience with Verizon Connect has been positive. They have excellent customer service to the tech crews contracted out to do the installations. We've had to contact them more often recently and the way the company has handled our issues is terrific. We have so many folks working together to help us with whatever our needs be, and it's like we have our very own team! Turnaround time is amazing, especially with the world today.”

July 01, 2021: "Verizon Connect Reveal Easy to Use"
“We get the most use out of Route replay, Daily reports, and Job Scheduler. We use the Verizon Scheduler every day; it is the primary way to dispatch technicians to service calls. We can also see which technician is the closest to a new service call to improve dispatch times.”

June 29, 2021: "Game Changer"
“The service has been highly reliable. The apps make it easy to stay connected to my team even when I'm not in front of the laptop. The service techs were on time for the installs and very professional. The cost is low enough that it doesn't affect my budget, even with ten vans.”

Small Business Fleet Management

In the Fall 2021 Report, Verizon Connect emerged as the leader in the Small Business Fleet Management category with a G2 Score of 87, 14 points higher than the nearest competitor. 83% of users rated Verizon Connect 4 or 5 stars, and 81% of users said they would be likely to recommend Verizon Connect. The highest-rated features voted on by users were vehicle tracking (96%) and driver tracking (94%).

These rankings are based on Satisfaction and Market Presence scores calculated
using reviews collected through August 17, 2021. Based on 179 reviews, Verizon
Connect’s Satisfaction Score was 78 and Market Presence Score was 97.

The Satisfaction rating is affected by the following (in order of importance):

  • Customer satisfaction with end user-focused product attributes
  • Popularity
  • Quality of reviews received
  • Age of reviews
  • Customers' satisfaction with administration-specific product attributes
  • Overall customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score® (NPS)

Fleet Management and Route Planning

Verizon Connect secured the highest score in the Fleet Management and Route Planning category; this year, it received 273 reviews, a Satisfaction score of 78, a Market Presence score of 97 and an overall G2 score of 88. The highest-rated Fleet Management features were vehicle tracking (95%) and driver tracking (93%).

As defined by G2, fleet management software helps fleet managers operate efficient car or truck deliveries on improved routes and with reduced idle time. These solutions consider critical information such as time windows and available drivers to create routes that enable employees to travel to more destinations while remaining on schedule.

To qualify for inclusion in the Fleet Management category, a product must:

  • Create improved driving routes
  • Allow for in-app communication and updates
  • Track employee progress and overall performance

G2 defines route planning software as that which manages vehicle routes and schedules to increase driver performance and improve distribution operations.

To qualify for inclusion in the Route Planning category, a product must:

  • Provide standard delivery schedules that can be customized by users
  • Estimate distances and the time needed for different types of deliveries
  • Enhance routes using GIS information and historical delivery data
  • Account for constraints that may impact shipments
  • Allow users to adjust routes and schedules when needed
  • Include collaboration features for drivers and dispatchers
  • Track the performance of deliveries and identify bottlenecks

As in 2019, Verizon Connect Fleet Management and Route Planning Software earned the top spot with 59 reviews, a Satisfaction score of 69, a Market Presence score of 96, and an overall G2 Crowd score of 83. 85% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars.

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