Enterprise Fleet Management Solutions


The larger your company, the more important it is to track the location of your vehicles and equipment. Through GPS tracking and wireless technology, you can easily manage where your vehicles are, how they'۪re being used by the driver, and more. This allows for great potential for reduced costs, improved customer satisfaction, and a highly optimized fleet of vehicles.

Enterprise Fleet Management

Whether you'۪re sending vehicles out to a job site or to answer a house call, your fleet needs to be in top shape at all times. This is particularly true for companies with extensive, national enterprise fleets with a high number of vehicles that you need to keep track of and maintain to keep costs low and efficiency high.

Vehicle tracking is especially helpful in determining if a vehicle needs to be repaired or replaced before taking the time to physically locate and inspect it. You can set up vehicle alerts that provide up-to-date diagnostic trouble codes while informing you of any maintenance you may have already scheduled. Additionally, these alerts simply inform you of the number of vehicles in your fleet, ensuring that you don'۪t make any overlapping purchases.

Who Can Benefit from Enterprise Fleet Management?

Larger companies, such as those that manage rental vehicles or commercial fleets, need an easy and effective way to track hundreds of vehicles at one time. By utilizing GPS-based fleet tracking solutions, you have access to a comprehensive, organized system that tracks every vehicle in your fleet. This ensures that you know where your vehicles are located, even when you'۪re on the go.

By installing GPS-tracking equipment on each vehicle, project managers can monitor the location of fleet vehicles, how long they have been on site, downtime and engine idling, fuel consumption, and much more. You can also take advantage of asset-tracking technology, which monitors expensive onsite equipment, such as pods and generators, and provides location notifications based on user preference. You can receive one per day or every 15 minutes it'۪s all up to you.

Maximizing Your Fleet'۪s Potential

Enterprise fleet management solutions provide you with all the tools you need to make the most out of your fleet operation. You can narrow down the most effective route to cut down on fuel costs, determine exactly where and when certain assets are being used, and monitor the activity of your drivers.

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