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Read, Watch, Download - Repository of COVID-19 Resources For Fleets

By Verizon ConnectOctober 7, 2020

Make informed decisions about your fleet business with knowledge from industry experts, editors and peers.


Watch these webinars to hear from industry experts and editors of major industry publications including, Automotive Fleet, Heavy Duty Trucking and Government Fleet.

  • How do you manage a fleet business during pressure situations? How do you keep a fleet business afloat during an emergency? Are your workers, equipment and vehicles truly safe?

    Learn how technology can help build a resilient fleet that can steer you through any emergency situation now or in the future.
    Watch now: Is your fleet ready for the next emergency?

  • Trucking and logistics keep medical supplies, groceries, cleaning and sanitizing supplies, and much more moving through the supply chain during these tough times. Fleets are currently trying their best to keep drivers and employees safe and healthy and stay compliant with regulations while continuing to operate efficiently. In this webinar, Heavy Duty Trucking brings together a panel of industry experts to share what they’ve learned as they monitor the fast-changing conditions—such as the current regulatory landscape and what to expect with freight and the economy moving forward.
    Watch now: What Fleets Need to Know Now About COVID-19 

  • While public fleets are providing essential duties during the pandemic, it’s no small task to pivot from normal to emergency operations. From technicians to management, fleet employees are at their jobsites, working to keep police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, trash trucks and other essential vehicles on the road. In this webinar, Government Fleet brings expertise from public fleet managers and leading consultants to help you tackle current operational challenges—including how to help keep employees and drivers safe, and how to handle the coming weeks and months.
    Watch now: How Public Fleets Are Coping with COVID-19

  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) General Duty Clause requires employers to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards likely to cause death or serious physical harm—COVID-19 and its hazards included. In this unprecedented environment of managing a fleet during a pandemic, this webinar identifies the procedures and policies you should consider implementing to help reduce the risk to your employees and customers. 
    Watch now: Fleet Policies to Help Reduce COVID-19 Risks

  • The times are challenging for both businesses and the customers. As the country grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, it calls for businesses to think differently. Though landscapers are deemed an essential service, they like other services, are not immune to the unpredictable market conditions in the times to come. The Harvest Landscape Consulting Group got its experts together to help landscaping businesses make sense of the current situation and plan for the future.
    Watch now: Running a Landscaping Business During the Time of

We are keeping a close watch on COVID-19 related developments and how they impact businesses with fleets.
Read now: COVID-19: Impact on Trucking Companies, Economy and Trade

To see everything Verizon is doing to respond to the crisis, please view this page.

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