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How intelligent field service software can benefit government fleets

By Heather Jonson July 11, 2022

There are many types of public and government organizations that depend on fleet operations. From police and first responders to garbage removal, snow plowing and maintenance, every fleet is important and has unique needs.

One way for government organizations to overcome the management challenges that come with operating public-facing fleets is to embrace technology, like a field service solution, to help reduce costs, mitigate risks, improve public perception and save time. 

To better understand how organizations can benefit from investing in field service platforms, I spoke with Verizon Connect Product Success Manager Lucy Rakauskas and Product Line Leader Rossella Simonetti specifically about the need for a field service management system and how Reveal Field users can come out ahead.

Q: Why do government organizations need field service management software?

A: The sheer number and variety of vehicles government organizations may have, combined with the number of citizens these fleets must serve, means field service software will become more important as management complexity grows. With a field service management solution, organizations don’t have to depend on the memory of a dispatcher or manager, or manual processes and paper logs, to keep on top of operations. 

Q: How can field service technology help government fleets reduce costs?

A: Government fleet managers are challenged with striking a balance between staying on budget and providing affordable services to constituents and internal departments. Field service technology can help managers increase management efficiency and lower operational expenses. 

One of the biggest fleet costs is fuel. Field service technology helps verify fuel expenditures to reduce fraud and wasteful purchasing. It also lets managers keep tabs on driving behaviors that waste fuel, like excessive idling or speeding, inefficient routing, and driving vehicles during unauthorized times. 

Maintenance is another area where a field service solution can help control costs. For government organizations, having your own maintenance shop is seen as a cost center. Field service technology can provide diagnostic data to streamline third-party maintenance by digitizing vehicle service tracking, proactively monitoring engine health, providing alerts for preventative maintenance, and creating comprehensive service reports. This helps reduce the chance of breakdowns or costly repairs down the line, saving money and extending the useful life of vehicles.

Q: What about safety? How can technology help government fleets mitigate risks?

A: Government fleets are under public scrutiny when it comes to the safe use of vehicles and equipment. Field service technology can help emergency responders and general government fleets alike improve response and mitigate risk.

Public and government fleets must be at the ready to respond to an emergency anytime, anywhere. GPS tracking can help streamline how and when fleets plan resource allocation. In addition, GPS tracking offers 24/7 monitoring of vehicles and assets to help manage harsh and dangerous driving and deviations from standard procedure. 

Managers can set up early warning systems to prevent accidents and receive alerts if a breakdown occurs, and can support safe driving behaviors by using data to coach drivers on improving specific behaviors. And, as with costs, field service technology helps improve vehicle health monitoring, giving fleet managers an understanding of where issues exist to help prevent accidents.  

Q: Government fleets are in the public eye. What can you share about how field service software helps improve public perception and substantiate whether an insurance claim has merit?

A: Government organizations must be able to justify tax dollar expenditures. Field service technology lets organizations keep detailed records of fleet-related events and expenses, which can be easily sorted and shared with constituents and the public as needed to serve as proof of responsible spending.

Another kind of proof that’s vital to operations is proof of liability in the event of a claim. Government fleets can become targets of false accident claims. To help reduce insurance liability and improve accurate record-keeping of driving events, organizations can add dash cam video capabilities to their fleet management platform. 

Dash cams can provide valuable visual evidence against false or erroneous claims that often lead to lost revenue, by showing what happened inside and outside the vehicle at the time of an accident. Managers can use this evidence, combined with GPS data that verifies vehicle location and speed, to show whether an accused vehicle was even in the area or how fast it was traveling.

Find out more about how the City of Hamilton used Verizon Connect to help improve communication with residents and employees and be more efficient with city resources.

Q: We’ve been talking about field service in general. Could you now detail how Reveal Field service management software, specifically, helps government fleets?

A: In speaking to our customers, they’ve been able to improve day-to-day productivity and end-customer satisfaction from using the simple scheduling and dispatch capabilities found in our Reveal Field software. In particular, the smart scheduler lets managers locate the nearest vehicles at a glance in order to easily reshuffle assignments in the event of an emergency. Drivers and staff can see changes in near real-time, making for a smoother workflow.

Customers have also shared with us that the job creation process is simple and fast, just like getting the software up and running in the first place. And, because Reveal Field integrates fully with our already-established product called Reveal, it makes it easier for government fleets to manage all facets of a mobile workforce—from one interface. This allows the software to act as a “control room” for all aspects related to an organization’s mobile workforce.

Q: You mentioned it's quick and easy to get Reveal Field up and running. Can you walk me through the process?

A: It really is intuitive and straightforward. To get Reveal Field up and running, a GPS tracking unit is plugged into each vehicle in the fleet. Reveal Field is then automatically integrated into the Reveal platform on all devices used by the workforce, including tablets, PCs and smartphones. All field service company employees can then access the software platform on the go.

Although the solution is straight-forward to implement, we also make comprehensive training available for all users. Users can reference our quick-start guide, available through the software dashboard, to walk through it on their own and self-troubleshoot. We also offer additional self-learning and educational materials, including e-tutorials and live chat or pre-recorded videos, in our Help Center.

For users who want more personal onboarding, we have dedicated trainers that can walk you through step by step, provide specialized training and answer any questions. This includes dedicated field training available weekly in a user’s local language.

Q: For some government organizations, dispatchers play a critical role. Can you go into greater detail about how Reveal Field specifically makes their lives easier?

A: In the Scheduler tab, dispatchers can view every driver and vehicle. Then, by simply clicking on a vehicle in this tab, dispatchers can be taken to a live map view, called the vehicle balloon, that is zoomed in to the particular vehicle, providing all of the data about that driver in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Dispatchers can also utilize the live map in Reveal to “group” lists and job tasks. This means that if an organization has multiple dispatchers, one dispatcher can monitor his or her driver and vehicle assignments independent of the other dispatcher’s assignments.The tech grouping function allows multiple dispatchers to see what's pertinent to job tasks belonging to their group without having to scroll or rearrange within the tab.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share about how Reveal Field can transform operations for government organizations?

A: It’s more important than ever for government organizations to remain agile and respond to changing conditions. Reveal Field helps them do just that. Take for example a donation collection center, Reveal Field can assist with verification of services performed with time stamps that are available for quick and easy retrieval by the office staff.  It can also help to improve customer service by providing customer notifications on when items are scheduled to be collected, which can lead to improved ratings and reviews.

Reveal Field is a real-time digital solution. You can edit the day, on the go, and the drivers will see those changes. There is no longer a need to call to ask for job status. Job notes arrive seconds after the driver inputs them so you know exactly what happened and you can address any issues in real-time. 

Finally, Field software removes the need for filling hard copies of all the job notes and paperwork. These can be captured on site and uploaded into Reveal Field by the field workers. The data is stored in the cloud, so you can spend less time rummaging through filing cabinets looking for information and instead access job and contact history in a few clicks. These details are also available for your field workers on their mobile devices so they can view past work, including photos and job notes, and be better prepared.

Is it time for your organization to combine scheduling, dispatching and fleet tracking on one fleet management system? Request a demo at your convenience today. 

Heather Jonson

As Verizon Connect Content Strategist, Heather's mission is to create content that helps on-the-go business owners and fleet managers realize the benefits of digital transformation to drive their business forward, keep their teams productive and safe, and provide outstanding customer service.

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