A complete list of the reports that are included with Verizon Connect Reveal.

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Activity Reports

Daily report
The Daily Report gives an easy-to-read version of daily activity for vehicles and drivers, including arrival times, stop details, travel time, distance, idling, and more.
Detailed report
A detailed vehicle report that reports on location of vehicle throughout the entire day, engine on-times, drive time and distance traveled.
Geofence report
Reports on the average visits, most visits, and duration per geofence, as well as unique visits, that can be run per driver, vehicle or group. Fleet managers would typically use this report,to investigate if drivers are going off the scheduled route.
Cost Analysis report
The cost analysis report measures vehicle and driver behavior against cost. It calculates the cost to travel to a work location (driver hourly rate, vehicle cost per distance, and fuel) and the cost at that location (fuel idling) for each stop.
Garmin Stop report
Provides a list of all stops for chosen vehicles during a selected time frame. The report shows the stop addresses, status, date, time and corresponding vehicle location. Works only on vehicles with registered Garmin devices.
Power Disruption Report
Allows users to see incidents when the GPS unit has lost power and is unable to be tracked.
Proximity Report
Helps a customer identify instances when their vehicles were stopped within a specified distance of one another or when a vehicle returned to the same location multiple times. This can help to identify unauthorized activity.
Sensor Report
Reports on the total number of engine on/off and sensor on/off events per vehicle. It helps determine if a vehicle is operating in a certain mode at a certain location when it’s scheduled to do so.
Speeding Report
A breakdown of the total number of excessive speeding instances per driver or vehicle, showing the location/time of the violation, the posted speed (legal limit) of the plot, the actual speed travelled, as well as the % above the legal limit.
Travel and Stops Report
Shows a complete history for a vehicle or vehicles over a specified time, including where the vehicle traveled, how long it took to get there, how long the vehicle was stopped, and at what address. The user can also select to see whether the vehicle's ignition was turned off and how long the vehicle idled at each stop.
User Activity Report
Provides a daily and summarized usage activity for each account user, such as drivers.
Vehicle Maintenance Report
Shows all scheduled and/or completed services for a vehicle or vehicles over a specified period of time. Ideal for customers using Reveal to track services performed and scheduled to be performed on their fleet's vehicles.

Summary Reports

Custom Summary Report
Shows different metrics for drivers, vehicles, and/or groups over a period of time. The report configuration allows the user to group the data by driver, vehicle or group. The ability to filter out specific days or times within the time period is also available (e.g. only show activity between 8:00am-5:00am Monday-Friday for the month of June).
Distance Travelled Report
Contains driver/vehicle information based on distance accumulated for that day. This information can be further grouped by vehicle, mileage or geofences.
Exception Report
The Exception Report shows a summary of activities in violation of a customer’s policies. The report can show vehicles that started before or after a specified time, stopped within specified Geofences, had excess idle and other metrics.
Fleet Summary Report
The Fleet Summary Report offers an in-depth insight into how a fleet is performing. Data displayed includes active days, engine on/off, driving duration, idling duration, distance traveled, maximum speed and number of stops.

Driver Log Reports

Driver Log Report
This report is linked to ELD. The report shows a series of graphs representing a driver’s day, including off-duty, sleeper berth, driving, and on-duty. Drivers should certify their days on their devices; if they fail to do so, then this report will flag that the day is uncertified.
ELD Transmission Report
The ELD Transmission Report was designed for use during a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) audit. You can send Driver Logs in a mandated format directly to a predetermined email address set up by the FMCSA for this purpose. Add an Identifier that will be provided by the auditor in the comment box.
HOS Violations Report
Reports on on Hours of Service (HOS) violations for drivers.
Vehicle Inspections Report
Reports on vehicle inspections that have been submitted.

Driving Style Reports

Driving Style Summary Report
Ranks drivers based on their driver behaviors, including speeding and harsh driving metrics.
Harsh Driving Incident Report
Gives an in-depth look at each driver’s offenses. The report breaks down the harsh driving events including where it took place, the initial speed, duration and the severity of the offense. The report also has the ability to view an event in replay.

Fuel Reports

Carbon Footprint Report
Estimates the carbon footprint from fuel used and displays the vehicle, year, make, model, fuel type, quantity (amount of fuel), distance traveled, efficiency calculation and estimated CO2.
Fuel Efficiency Report
Uses fuel purchases and vehicle activity to compare a vehicles' calculated fuel efficiency to what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates the efficiency should be.
Fuel Purchased Report
Shows how much fuel a vehicle or vehicles are using over a specified period of time. This allows a user to analyze costs for their fleet.Fuel card integration needs to be active or fuel transactions can be entered manually.
Lost Fuel Report
Identifies two types of lost fuel events, including when a vehicle recorded a fuel purchase but that vehicle was not within the radius of a gas station within an hour of the time of purchase, and when the number of gallons purchased by the vehicle exceeded the fuel tank capacity.

Timecard Reports

Daily Timecard Report
Provides an in-depth breakdown of drivers’ day-to-day journeys, duration, arrival times, stop times, stop locations and idle times.
Payroll Summary Report
Reports on total hours worked over a week period, itemized daily. The report identifies regular hours from total overtime based on account settings.
Weekly Timesheet Report
Reports on total hours worked and average hours per day. The report also separates regular hours from total overtime.

Work Order Reports

Daily Report with Work Orders
Designed to link work order activity to the driver's stops throughout the day that are determined by GPS information.
Work Order Summary
Shows the total number of work orders, as well as average and total on-site time, for a vehicle or group of vehicles over a period of time. The report configuration allows the user to group the data by vehicle, vehicle group, or work order type.
Work Order Variance Report
Calculates the difference between how long a driver reports that he/she was working on a work order and how long the vehicle was at the site of the work order.