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Contact Electrical Benefit From Vehicle Tracking

We get great support with Verizon Connect. It’s an advanced system with more benefits and better value for money.
Adam Moore
State Purchasing Manager

Tasmanian based company Contact Electrical, founded in Launceston, was established in 1986. Over time Contact Electrical evolved to become the Contact Group, expanding to Hobart and Burnie, and further diversifying its services beyond electrical to design and project construction. Since Contact Electrical has transitioned to Reveal for GPS vehicle tracking, they improved response times, eliminated customer disputes, and increased safety. “We get great support with Reveal. It’s an advanced system with more benefits and better value for money,” says Adam Moore, State Purchasing Manager, Contact Electrical.

Quick Dispatch & Improved Response Times

Prior to Contact Electrical having a GPS fleet tracking system in their business, dispatching emergency jobs was a challenge. The process required many calls to their fleet to try and establish who was 1) available and 2) the closest to the job. This consumed valuable time and impeded the businesses productivity levels.

Since the implementation of Reveal, Contact Electrical now has visibility of each vehicle and its location on a live map, enabling them to assign new jobs to the nearest vehicle in real time.  This has increased productivity and saved company time. “Being able to locate your fleet in real time is a big benefit. It saves calling four or five staff checking their location just to find the nearest one,” says Adam Moore.

Eliminate Customer Disputes

Without full visibility of their fleet, Contact Electrical was susceptible to unwarranted customer disputes. Not having access to accurate job time and dates, vehicle locations or driver activity made it difficult to know whether a dispute had merit.  Contact Electrical had one company who called to complain, and fortunately because of Reveal, they were able to resolve the confusion. “This company’s representative called us disputing our work saying it was incomplete. We were able to check our Reveal app only to discover we never had any vehicles in that area. They soon figured out it was another electrical company that had been servicing their business and not us,” says Adam Moore.

Increased Safety

For Contact Electrical, safety of their employees is paramount and was a key motivator in implementing a GPS vehicle tracking system. Prior to Reveal there was no way of knowing how drivers were behaving on the road. Now with real-time visibility of their fleet, Contact Electrical can get alerts and notifications when unsafe driving habits are practiced. Further, if one of their drivers is stuck, Contact Electrical can respond immediately. Adam Moore said, “We know where the guys are if something was ever to go wrong. We have had a broken down vehicle and Reveal allowed us to locate the vehicle and send assistance.”

Fuel Card Verification

Fuel cards can be a very convenient and easy way to manage company fleet fuel purchases. However, with no ability to accurately verify fuel card transactions against company vehicles fuel card abuse can occur and go undetected. This is costly to a business.

Now with the added benefit of Reveal fuel card integration, Contact Electrical can verify purchases made on fuel cards to ensure they are assigned against the right vehicles. Furthermore, they can also track where every fuel dollar was spent and produce fuel-efficiency repots to see which vehicles are meeting their target efficiency ratings. Adam Moore said, “We have had incidences where our employees have each other’s fuel cards so the vehicles being fueled weren’t in line with the cards being used so we could iron that out quickly!”


With GPS vehicle tracking integrated into their business, Contact Electrical have been able to refine their fleet management processes and dispatch emergency jobs to the nearest vehicle, in real-time. Customer disputes can also be attended to straight away; no more second-guessing now that they have accurate data at their fingertips. Finally, with Reveal fuel card integration, it’s easy to improve fuel efficiency. Contact Electrical has access to many more benefits with Reveal GPS tracking, but most importantly, their staff and vehicles are safe, their vehicle costs are down, and customers are satisfied. “Reveal is most definitely a great product!” says Adam Moore, State Purchasing Manager, Contact Electrical.


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