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We’ve been building fleet management solutions since the turn of the century. We’ve come a long way, we’re excited about the future and we’re eager to keep making a positive difference in the day to day lives of our customers.


We needed the ability to see multiple capacity metrics like case count, pallet count, and weight on the routing screen at the same time” says Teeter. Before you could only look at one capacity metric at a time. Verizon Connect was able to develop and get that to us and we now send our orders with [that information].

Jay Teeter
Pepsi Hickory

Fuel spend

Our fuel costs have gone down dramatically, said Mr. Ranson. And we now have a much better response time than our competitors.

Robert Ranson


We use the system to check that every site has been visited as scheduled. We can run a compliance check at any time to say this is what is showing as completed. Using this we can ensure that we have the correct sign-off for the corresponding scheduled site, ensuring we have accurate information for billing and compliance purposes.

Eric Dawson
Business Manager

Increased profitability

It was an easy decision to choose fleet tracking. We are able to understand and optimise the movements of our operators – that, on its own, has paid for the system 10 times over.

Ewan Crocker
Operations Director

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