Peter Plowman, Managing Director

GPS Vehicle Tracking Helps Eliminate Personal Use of Company Vehicles and Fuel Card Abuse

Australian Uniform Service looked into GPS vehicle tracking to monitor their fleet, improve routing and reduce fuel costs. Since implementing GPS trackers, they have reduced personal use of company vehicles and increased employee productivity.

Fuel Card Integration: The Key Indicator that Led to Implementing Reveal

Being able to monitor their fleet’s fuel spend and prevent fuel card abuse was a key reason why the Australian Uniform Service implemented  Reveal. With Fuel card integration, Australian Uniform Service can identify if the fuel pumped into the vehicle exceeded the tank of the assigned vehicle, or even if the company vehicle wasn’t at the pump at the time the fuel card was used.

“Fuel card integration was critical for unauthorised filling up of vehicles. We are currently adding our own key performance indicators, so that monthly we can track and review the data from Reveal. But the big focus is finding out if a vehicle wasn’t present when the fuel card was used. That helps ensure we don’t have any fuel theft going on in our business,” said Peter Plowman, Managing Director.

Stopping the Personal Use of Company Vehicles

With Reveal, Australian Uniform Service now have data to help them manage their employees’ performance against KPI’s, increasing productivity. Australia Uniform Service have eliminated the abuse of company vehicles for personal errands during and after work hours.

 “Reveal has absolutely helped with stopping personal use of vehicles after hours. It’s assisted us in managing our sales team. They’re expected to complete a certain number of activities every week and GPS tracking has given us the tool to say - well you’ve spent all this time out there on our behalf, we’ve been paying you, and it doesn’t appear you’ve been doing what we’ve needed you to do. It’s been a good tool in terms of keeping them honest with how they use the vehicle during the weekends or in the evenings,” said Plowman.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking: Improving Customer Service

Australian Uniform Service are now able to provide an improved level of service by using their GPS vehicle tracking data to confirm the deliveries made to their customers.

“One of the other ways Reveal has really helped us is when our customers question whether we’ve attended or completed a service on a particular day. We’ve been able to track and use the GPS tracking to assist us with those concerns. Now we can confirm the delivery with facts,” said Plowman

Reveal: Eliminating Abuse and Improving Customer Service

Now with the implementation of Reveal, the Australian Uniform Service have a product which will help them monitor the use of the fuel cards and eliminate the personal use of company vehicles. Already, by being able to track their entire fleet, the Australian Uniform Service can provide information regarding their deliveries, which has reinforced their commitment to service their customers.

“We’ve updated and managed all of our geo-fences with Reveal. By doing this, it’s allowed us to know where everyone is. Especially those people that take vehicles to their personal homes,” said Peter Plowman, Managing Director.

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