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Case study

Verizon Connect Grows Seed of Opportunity for South Australian Business

It’s very simple and easy to use. Which at the end of the day saves me a lot of admin time so I can be out making money.
Kurt Walter

With Growth Comes Complexity

Walco Seed Cleaning in South Australia has amassed great experience in the industry during its almost decade-long operation. The business’ seed grading treatment services help farmers increase germination rates and its successful product and service saw it win several prizes including the Grand Champion title in the 2012 and 2015 Royal Adelaide Show’s Prepared Seed category. With the demand in seed cleaning services increasing in South Australia, as farmers seek to secure a return on investment from their crops, Kurt Walter wanted to secure an investment of his own. An investment that would help simplify the operational side of his business and improve efficiency in the field.

The job management process at Walco Seed Cleaning used to depend on the support of three or more programs and applications. There were calendars and emails to assign tasks to field teams, and map location screen shots with directions attached in case GPS was down or unable to connect being in a rural area. Kurt would have to wait for his team to return before gaining feedback on the job. The different programs and time gaps would slow down the invoicing process too. “The hassle and inconvenience on having to use different apps for running the business took up valuable time,” said Kurt.

Verizon Connect Gives Real Time Visibility Across The Field

After searching for the right platform, Kurt came across Verizon Connect, a mobile-based job management platform that could connect the field to the office and the office to the field, providing Kurt with real time visibility of each job from beginning to end. Benefits included job details being centralised and easily accessed by field teams on the move, an app with Google maps location services, and historic customer records that made it easy for repeat jobs.

Now, the majority of tools I need to run the business are all in the one place from scheduling jobs to being able to generate the invoice. It’s very simple and easy to use. This at the end of the day saves me a lot of admin time so I can be out making money. Even little things like having a map connected to the client location or job sites is an absolute god send for me,” said Kurt.

Information Is Now Easy To Access And Act Upon

Kurt was able to customise his Verizon Connect platform to suit his business by calling WVerizon Connect Customer Service team and discussing his requirements. “There is such a variety of options within Verizon Connect which eliminates the need to shuffle around between different programs or applications. I cannot fault the customer service at all. They were beyond expectations of what I would assume to get from this type of organisation. Communication is fantastic and having that option of ringing out of hours is great. I think I had someone from London at some stage; everyone is helpful.

The integration of Verizon Connect into Walco Seed Cleaning has helped simplify the operational side of Kurt’s business, free up more valuable time, and provide his team with all the necessary information they need right in the palm of their hand. Now with more available and advanced resources to service new and existing customers, Kurt and his team will continue providing an award winning product and service for many more years to come.

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