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Top Construction Company Reduces Fuel And Labour Costs

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...productivity has increased... and we have seen a reduction on our fuel bills.
Shammi Mohan
owner at JLM Civil

JLM Civil Works is a dynamic young wholly Australian owned company of construction contractors based in Palmerston, Northern Territory. They have built a reputation within the earthmoving, concreting, park maintenance and civil works industries for providing professional and experienced services.

With their fleet of 13 vehicles, JLM Civil Works began their search for a reliable GPS vehicle tracking system to maintain their high service standard and reputation within the industry.

“I am currently using the system to track my vehicles, it gives me peace of mind, I know where my guys are and what they are doing” says Shammi Mohan, owner at JLM Civil.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology Makes Employees Accountable

Reveal’s time card reporting allows JLM Civil Works to see their entire fleet in near real time, which helps keep their workers accountable and allows them to verify start and finish times.

“The boys were pulling up at the shop at the times when they should have been working, now I can verify the guys start and finish times and productivity has increased because they are staying on time” says Shammi Mohan, owner at JLM Civil Works.

Reveal's time card reporting, allows JLM Civil Works to verify start and finish times and what staff do throughout the day. Now, they have greater accuracy when it comes to their labour costs, and can put more money back into their own pocket.

Live Map Feature Eliminates Dishonesty and Improves Efficiency 

Before GPS vehicle tracking, JLM Civil Works had no way to see where the guys were in near real-time and they were worried about the efficiency of their fleet. With Reveal live map feature, they can have total control over their fleet and eliminate dishonesty.

“One guy tried to tell me he was at a stop for 20 minutes, but looking at the live map he was there for 1 hour and 20 minutes” says Shammi Mohan, owner at JLM Civil.

Reveal's user-friendly system allows JLM Civil Works to see their entire fleet in near real time and now they have been able to keep employees honest.

Reveal Reduces Fuel Wastage Across Fleet

Being able to monitor their fleet’s fuel spend was a key reason why JLM Civil Works implemented Reveal.

“I got GPS tracking to make sure we were saving on time, by knowing where my trucks and cars. Now we have seen a reduction on our fuel bills” says Shammi Mohan, owner at JLM Civil.

Reveal fuel card integration make it easy to track driver behaviours that drive fuel bills up. You can even single out fuel charges by vehicle and eliminate unauthorised fuel-ups.

Providing Professional And Experienced Service Made Easy With Reveal

JLM Civil Works is happy that he chose investments Reveal as their GPS tracking provider:

“The product is easy to understand and just very good!” says Shammi Mohan, owner at JLM Civil.

Now with the implementation of Reveal, JLM Civil Works have a product which will help them monitor and improve their fleets performance, which has reinforced their commitment to providing professional and experienced service.

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