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Visirun is now Verizon Connect

We are so excited about the future with you! Get answers to all your questions in our FAQs.

Do I need to notify people within my company about your new name?

If there are people in your organisation who have not received the updates about our name change, please help us share the news.

Does the company name change affect my billing?

In name only. You will begin to receive bills from Verizon Connect in the next three billing cycles. Please alert your Accounts Payable department to make them aware of the change.

Will my contract or trademark agreement change?

No. Your existing contract will remain in place. The announcement regarding our company’s identity update meets the necessary requirements to maintain your current contract.

Will my Customer Success Manager change?

No. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will continue to handle all of your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Will my login change?

The login page will have a new look, but your login information will remain the same. Any prior links or bookmarks will redirect to the new login area.

Will my products change now that the company name has changed?

No. You will see no changes to your products or product names at this time. We will notify you in the upcoming months with additional information regarding product updates under the new Verizon Connect brand.

I have additional questions. Is there someone who can answer them for me?

Yes. Please contact your Customer Success Manager with any questions you may have.

Still need assistance? Email us and we will get your Customer Success Manager to call you right away.