GPS asset tracking software

GPS asset tracking software

Track and analyse all your high-value assets with one powerful solution

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Asset tracking software and solutions

Track the assets that power your business with a comprehensive asset tracking system that works for all your high-value equipment.

It’s time to take control of the things that matter, and Verizon Connect asset tracking solutions are here to help. And it’s all part of the powerful Verizon Connect platform, an innovative GPS fleet tracking solution that grows and adapts to the needs of your business.

Equipment tracking

Equipment tracking

Track engine hours and maintenance for heavy-duty equipment such as loaders, cranes, bulldozers and excavators.

Trailer tracking

Trailer tracking

Across town or across the country, monitor every trailer in your fleet from your office or on the go.

High-value asset tracking

High-value asset tracking

Having the right tools for the job is one thing. Knowing that the right tools are at the right site when they’re needed is another.

Trusted by fleets large and small including:

Know where your assets are, and where they've been

With full visibility of your high-value assets, you can quickly locate project-critical equipment when needed.

Even with thousands of assets, you can track them all on a single web based dashboard that clusters multiple assets and offers fast searching or tag filtering.

See location of assets, current status and usage history alongside the rest of your mobile workforce so you know how hard your equipment has been working.

Improve your asset utilisation

Asset tracking software can help you understand how your assets are being used. Are you getting a good return on your investment, or are they sitting idle most of the day?

Rental billing / project costs

Track asset usage by equipment to improve cost analysis and sharpen competitive bids for future work. Improve the accuracy and efficiency of billing customers who rent your equipment.

Protect your assets with proactive maintenance and service

Verizon Connect asset tracking solutions allow you to:

  • Track engine hours based on usage metrics
  • Create reminders for scheduled maintenance and part replacement
  • Log service for historical data

Asset tracking devices

Quality GPS asset tracking devices— specifically designed to meet your requirements and the demands of your working environment—provide reliable reporting to make sure you get the data you need, when you need it.

Long battery life

Set and forget. For non-powered or infrequently used assets, you can opt for self-powered asset trackers with a battery life of up to four years.


You can still track your assets even when they’re outside the cellular network by choosing GPRS cellular network data.

Flexible configuration

Simply decide what you want to monitor and how often you want the GPS asset tracker to report – it’s all up to you and the needs of your business.


The rugged GPS tracking devices are built to work in a range of harsh environments with IP67 protection.

Asset tracking that goes where you go

Stay in control of your assets even while you’re out of the office with our mobile app, for Apple and Android devices, that uses your location data to show nearby assets.

You can also choose to receive SMS alerts for events such as unauthorised use or assets moving in or out of a specific area (geofence).

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Protect against unauthorised use

Help secure your equipment by setting up geofence alerts to create a virtual perimeter around your assets. If an asset moves, you’ll know about it.

Instant alerts allow you to notify law enforcement immediately, reducing damage and potentially speeding up asset recovery.