Vehicle digital tachograph software

Digital tachograph software gives fleet managers full visibility of driver hours and rest periods, helping you to keep your fleet safer and compliant.

Digital tachograph software gives fleet managers full visibility of driver hours and rest periods, helping you to keep your fleet safer and compliant.

Tachograph rules and regulations

Regulation regarding driver hours and tachographs is set by the EU. EU law stipulates maximum daily and fortnightly driving hours as well as daily and weekly minimum rest periods.

These tachograph regulations govern all drivers of road haulage and passenger transport, unless clearly exempted.

Under EU law, fleet managers have a responsibility to install a tachograph in all relevant vehicles, and regularly download and file the digital data it records. Using this data, you must ensure all drivers meet their responsibilities – including ensuing the tacho card works correctly and allowing prompt download of tacho data.

Fleet managers must download driver data at least once every 28 days and vehicle data every 56 days, analyse data to ensure drivers are compliant with tachograph laws and are taking breaks as necessary, and ensure that all tachograph equipment is always in working order.

Tachograph analysis and integration

Connect your tachograph to Verizon Connect and the LiveMap feature allows you to see your drivers’ tacho status in near real time. Our tachograph software can also be set to warn you of both imminent and overdue break warnings.

Driver identification hardware such as key fobs make it easy to ascertain who was driving at any given time and – where larger HGVs are being monitored with tachographs – reporting and analysis is easily integrated.

With software in place, you can help keep your fleet safer and compliant – it can also enable you to assign jobs faster and more efficiently, based on up-to-date i nformation and without having to contact your driver.

Tachograph driving hours

Maximum tachograph driving hours are clearly laid out under EU law. Driving periods must not exceed nine hours – except for twice a week when 10 hours is permitted. Total weekly driving time must not exceed 56 hours, and fortnightly driving time must not exceed 90 hours.

During this time, drivers must take a rest period of at least 11 hours – this can be reduced to nine hours, three times a week. Drivers must also take a rest break of at least 45 minutes after every 4.5 hours of driving.

Ensuring these requirements are met is the responsibility of both the driver and fleet manager.

Tracking break periods and driving hours over a large fleet can be a challenge. Digital tachograph software makes it easy, allowing you to monitor and manage tacho status in near real time.

Tachograph exemptions

Unsure if tachograph regulations apply to you? There are several exemptions under EU law. Some of the more common include vehicles restricted to under 40kmph, emergency aid vehicles, breakdown vehicles, non-commercial vehicles under 7.5 tonnes, and vehicles manufactured more than 25 years ago.

There are other possible exemptions, however if you are operating passenger or goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, you’re likely to need a tachograph system in place. Failure to do so can lead to large fines.

Tachograph cards

Digital tachograph cards record vital information about driving time, speed, distance and driver rest periods.

With digital tachograph integration, you can leverage this information to improve the safety, compliance and overall productivity and efficiency of your fleet.

Integrate your digital tachograph with Verizon Connect and you can greatly reduce the time taken to process tacho data, ensure you drivers remain compliant when out on the road, and manage your day with full visibility of your drivers’ tacho status in near real time.

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