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Software Integration Partners

Our solutions aim to make it simpler for you to enhance your core fleet management software with functionality to make your mobile workforce more efficient and productive.

Fuel Management

Allstar, a FLEETCOR company

Allstar is the UK’s largest fuel card network provider with 45 years of industry experience and in excess of 1 million Allstar fuel cards in circulation.

The network includes access to all major oil brands, supermarket sites and includes access to a growing nationwide multi-brand electric charging network.

Vehicle Maintenance


For over 40 years, AssetWorks has provided powerful fleet and asset management software for fleets across the public and private sectors. With AssetWorks FleetFocus, fleets can control every aspect of their operations, from the back office to the shop floor and everywhere in between, all in one system.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)


Dynamon software tools enable a cost-effective operation and a seamless transition to an electric fleet, including infrastructure requirement insights.

Fuel Management

Fuel Card Services

Fuel Card Services are suppliers of low-cost refuelling across the UK. FCS has longstanding relationships with every major oil supplier, with multi-brand refuelling networks and with independent outlets.

Vehicle Maintenance

GROUPAUTO International

Connected repair & maintenance services delivered by a Pan-European network of Parts Distributors and Vehicle Workshops

Fuel Management

Keyfuels, a FLEETCOR company

The FuelCard Company is a FLEETCOR company. FLEETCOR, a leader in commercial payments, serves millions of cardholders and more than 800 partners across the world. They work with businesses ranging in size from major oil companies to small petrol stores.

Supply Chain Management


By digitising the entire shipment lifecycle, the project44 cloud-based advanced visibility platform ensures access to the right information at the right time, creating a smarter end-to-end shipping experience. Our goal is to build the only ubiquitous logistics network that every freight shipper uses to connect to every carrier in a transparent and efficient manner.

Fuel Management

The Fuel Card Company, a FLEETCOR company

The Fuelcard Company is one of the largest commercial resellers of company fuel cards in the UK. Their selection of fixed and pump priced fuel cards gives organisations both large and small access to the lowest prices and the most convenient fuelling networks available.

Supply Chain Management

Transport Exchange

Transport Exchange Group, established in 2000, has transformed digital freight management with the Exchange - a platform uniting logistics experts across the UK and continental Europe. Today, they are market leaders in freight exchange, powering three brands - Courier Exchange, Haulage Exchange and CX Euro - each with unique solutions for every type of logistics professional.

All brands are housed on a single platform, accessed by desktop or mobile app, and seamlessly integrated with Verizon Connect. Transport Exchange Group’s mission is to keep pioneering the way in innovative solutions for the world of digital freight.



Tranzaura are a SaaS company specializing in digitally optimising fleet management, maintenance, and compliance.


Whip Around

Verizon Connect integrates with Whip Around so you can easily manage and track daily inspections and maintenance to help you manage compliance.

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