How our software helps Utilities companies

Help improve productivity, accountability, driving safety habits, and compliance whilst seeing savings in fuel.

Help improve productivity, accountability, driving safety habits, and compliance whilst seeing savings in fuel.

Increase productivity

Managing remote or mobile workers can pose a unique challenge, but by using Verizon Connect systems, utilities are able to maximise the productivity of equipment and workers; from the start of the workday to the end. This includes features such as smarter scheduling and improved asset utilisation, which can help with capacity planning. This provides the ability to turn huge volumes of location data into actionable operation plans, as part of an essential decision making process.

Improve fleet visibility

When you have the location and status of every vehicle, with asset data and optimised routing automatically delivered to the right managers you can get more from your fleet, supporting your operations function and helping to improve response times. Manage your full fleet on a single screen, then drill down to vehicle history details, with such things as PTO and lift activity on a single vehicle. Optimise routes and resources.

Faster response

Enable your organisation to view vehicles from a number of operators’ fleets on a single screen. This is particularly useful for situations such as disaster response. Utility companies can clearly see the locations of multiple vendors’ vehicles, accurately track and manage resources from a single interface and locate the nearest vehicle type, dispatching it with navigation.

Enhance operations

The Verizon Connect platform can provide the insight into vehicle, asset and workforce activities on which to make informed decisions.

See details on driver behaviour like: hard braking, idle time, out of route driving and speeding against posted speed limit. Gain visibility in to vehicle performance with boom usage, PTO, low-battery alert and other sensor data. Make operational efficiencies based on information such as: fuel cost, carbon footprint reduction, driver safety, work zone alerts and arrival / departure metrics. Quickly and easily gain business intelligence on fleet efficiencies, utilisation trends and Key Performance Indicators. In addition vehicle attributes are searchable and dispatch can quickly issue new destinations direct to drivers.

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Every asset. One login.

Our exclusive OEM partnerships, AEMP compatibility and flexible hardware options means you can have all your fleet assets tracked on a single screen.

Help improve asset ROI

Better visibility on how much, and where, your vehicles, trucks & equipment are being used. Redeploy, relocate or realise unused, or underused, assets.

Accurate maintenance

Automated tracking of engine hours and diagnostics improves the accuracy of your maintenance schedule, while preventing unnecessary servicing.

Reduce wear & tear

Use advanced diagnostic sensors to monitor usage, such as excessive engine load, that can shorten the life of your equipment.

Protect against false claims

Defend your team against false liability claims by verifying their location, safe driving or vehicle movement with accurate GPS data.

Improve asset utilisation

Know what assets you have, where they are and how effectively they're being used. Reassign assets or sell to release funds.

Optimise service routes

Our unique heuristic algorithms can quickly calculate the most efficient routes for your drivers and reduce average mileage by 10%.

Maintenance scheduling

Track vehicle maintenance to easily generate alerts for your own service department or local dealer. Improve the accuracy of your PM program to reduce costs.

Safe driving features

Promote safe driving behaviour from basic HOS compliance and vehicle maintenance to near real-time coaching and speeding alerts.

Historical 'what happened here'

Improve the speed and efficiency of internal investigations for damage claims or accidents, easily replaying the sequence of events.

Prompt alerts

Choose the condition that triggers the alert (speeding, idling, harsh braking, engine on, geofence violation etc.) and who receives it.

Custom mobile forms

Build your own digital forms (DVIR, work orders etc.) that can be completed using a mobile device and replace hard-copy paper forms.

Meet demanding customer SLAs

Flexible planning tools to meet specific customer service level agreements (SLAs) including multiple shifts, service windows, driver or vehicle attributes.

Job costing tools

Factor in all associated costs when calculating routes – fixed and per-mile, labor, overtime, even accommodation for overnight trips.

Smartphone and tablet friendly

Compatible with most popular smartphones and tablets to minimise hardware costs and improve usability for mobile workers.

Optimised truck-legal routes

Commercial navigation and delivery route planner that complies with truck route restrictions based on size, weight and load type. Route feedback from over 140,000 users.

Enterprise dashboard

The central hub that brings clarity to massive amounts of location data, configurable by industry and operational performance KPIs.

Idle management

Monitor and minimise unnecessary idling to reduce fuel spend. Idling gets 0MPG and can incur penalties in some states.