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Case study

Nationwide courier services firm improves security with Verizon Connect

We tracked a stolen asset within 15 minutes.
Sarah Panikkar
Transport Manager

DYY Ltd provides courier services to some of the country’s leading logistics companies. Customers include Amazon and DHL.

With such prestigious brands placing trust in its drivers, DYY needs to meet increasingly strict compliance stipulations. 

The challenge

When providing drivers and logistics support to other trusted organisations, DYY must ensure the highest possible safety and compliance standards.

To meet its comprehensive insurance requirements, the company needed a fleet solution with integrated video capabilities. 

The solution

DYY selected the Verizon Connect fleet management system in large part due to its comprehensive dashcam solution. The integrated video offering gives transport managers eyes on the road, promoting fleet safety and simplifying compliance with insurance conditions. Footage captured by in-cab cameras can also be used to prove liability and support drivers in the event of an accident.

With a tight one-month deadline to implement cameras across its fleet, Verizon Connect’s dedicated deployment team was another major draw. Add to this the solution’s ease of use and Transport Manager Sarah Panikkar’s decision was made. 

The result

The Verizon Connect solution quickly demonstrated its security credentials after DYY experienced a vehicle theft.

The product is great, and the portal is easy to use.

The Live Map and near real-time GPS tracking helped Sarah and her team locate the stolen asset within 15 minutes of it being taken. Location data was shared with the police and the vehicle was recovered. Live location data has also proved useful when dispatching recovery vehicles to stranded drivers. 

DYY also uses the Verizon Connect solution to confirm their vehicles are always used as intended. Should a driver operate a vehicle in an unauthorised location or outside of permitted hours, Sarah can quickly take action. Elsewhere, data captured on speeding and harsh driving events – late braking, sharp cornering, and more, is used to coach drivers into improved performance.

The system has helped to monitor persistent speeding. We can pull reports, download footage, and address it with drivers.

Finally, the integrated video system has delivered on expectations, supporting drivers and proving liability when necessary.

Insurance claims can be backed up with footage or prove a driver did not have an accident at all.

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