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Case study

Scottish food delivery firm boosts EV efficiency with Verizon Connect

On a daily basis, Verizon Connect allows me to run my fleet efficiently.
Jonathan Robertson
Company Owner

Healthy Tots Limited provides fresh and nutritious meals to private nurseries in Edinburgh, Lothians and the surrounding areas. With the latest thermal food transportation equipment, the family-run business prides itself on delivering hot food, ready to serve – on time. 

The challenge

Timing is critical in the catering business. Especially when delivering food that is usually served right away. To mitigate delays and ensure customers are updated, Healthy Tots required a fleet management solution that offered accurate location information in near real-time. With vehicles off site at drivers’ homes during the night, security was also a concern. Any system would need to monitor vehicles 24/7 and alert staff to any suspicious activity. Finally, with a fully electric fleet, the solution implemented by Healthy Tots would need to be compatible with electric vehicles.

On a daily basis, Verizon Connect allows me to run my fleet efficiently. Whether it is the mobile app or the desktop site, information is available instantly.

The solution

Healthy Tots implemented Verizon Connect’s Reveal solution to monitor and manage its fleet. With the Live Map feature, office staff can view the location of their entire fleet, at-a-glance, in near real-time. Business owner Johnathan Robertson can search for and select any vehicle to view its status – to see where it has been, where it is going and what time it is scheduled to arrive. Live Map also provides Healthy Tots with traffic information to help anticipate delays and makes it easy to see which vehicles are on the road and which are on-site, making deliveries.  Reveal’s reporting and analysis tools also keep Healthy Tots staff in the know. With scheduled reporting and custom dashboards, management can gain detailed insight into fleet operations with little effort.

The result

Reveal has given Healthy Tots total visibility of its fleet operations. As well as providing much-needed peace of mind, this has enabled the company to mitigate delays and meet customer demands. Jonathan has found Reveal’s mobile app to be a particularly powerful tool, helping him stay in control, at home, in the office and in between. This fast access to easily digestible information has helped the company drive efficiency across the board. 

A shared commitment to green technologies has also helped strengthen the partnership between Verizon Connect and Healthy Tots. The Reveal solution is fully compatible with EVs, with several new features in the beta phase. Healthy Tots has trialled many of the new EV-focused features and is encouraged by the developments. 

I have helped with some beta testing for electric vehicles. This will add further relevant features that will be a great help in the future. I look forward to their introduction.

Overall, the team at Healthy Tots, management, drivers and office staff, are delighted with the impact of Reveal. With an eye on the future, Jonathan is already planning to implement further Verizon Connect solutions and is excited for new features and solutions. 

It’s clear that Verizon Connect’s focus is a feature-rich, complete package for fleets. I’m delighted to be a part of that.

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