Lee Smith, Managing Director

Leicester-based courier firm uses fleet tracking to get an edge over its competitors

Midlands-based courier firm LTS Couriers has installed GPS vehicle tracking into its fleet of delivery vehicles to gain an edge over its competitors. The fleet management system effectively enables the company to gain better visibility of the movement of vehicles, drivers and consignments from its transport office in Leicester to ensure a professional, reliable delivery service.

Lee Smith, Managing Director of LTS Couriers Ltd comments: “Our aim is not to be the largest company in the Midlands; however it is to be the best company in the Midlands. We believe safe delivery of consignments is paramount, with no margin for error tolerated.”

Established in 2003, LTS Couriers is a specialist in same day and next day delivery services working with corporate and commercial companies, who may have expensive, delicate, large requirements or simply a document that has to be delivered promptly. The company handles deliveries within the UK as well as to Ireland and the rest of Europe.

“Live Fleet provides real-time, on screen tracking of all vehicles from my PC or Smartphone; we can see the exact location of any vehicle, 24 hours a day,” explains

Mr. Smith. “This allows us to provide our customers with accurate tracking of their consignment every step of the way, all of which can be backed up with a fully audited trail to ensure peace of mind, as well as gives us proof of collection and delivery.”

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The system integrates with Google Maps, which helps LTS Couriers visualise the position of every vehicle and easily identify the one closest to a given location. “We use this to optimise collection of any unscheduled consignments and guide drivers along the most efficient route, alerting them of traffic incidents or congestion thus ensuring any hold-ups are kept to a minimum,” adds Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith acknowledges that the fleet management system is helping him save time and money, through route optimisations and increased productivity.

“We have also seen a considerable reduction in our monthly fuel bills. We set up specific alerts for out of hours vehicle usage and excessive idling – personal use of vehicles has stopped and idling times are now kept to a minimum. By cutting needless fuel wastage, we have seen a significant improvement to our bottom line.”

“I feel that vehicle tracking in the logistics industry is a must have tool,” concludes Mr. Smith. “Verizon Connect makes our transport office and drivers’ jobs more efficient and the vehicles’ profitability far greater; it also gives us an edge over our competitors.”

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