Paul Richardson, Operations/ Service Manager

Fleet Management System Helps Manx Firm Save Fuel and Improve Productivity

Established in 1967, MannVend is a family-owned business that has been run by three generations of the Leahy family. With a fleet of 19 vehicles, the company supplies an extensive range of customers from small offices, cafes and restaurants, to large offices and factories with a wide range of espresso machines, Bean to Cup machines, hot and cold drinks vending machines and water coolers.

“After employee wages, fuel is our greatest cost,” says Paul Richardson, Operations/ Service Manager. “On the Isle of Man the price of fuel is around 10p more expensive than on the mainland, so any reduction in fuel consumption translates to big savings. Verizon Connect does everything I want it to do – our fuel bill last month is the same as it was three years previously.”

A further benefit to the company is the reduction of fuel bills, even though the cost of fuel is continuously on the rise – this has been achieved through the reduction in vehicle idling time since the system was introduced. Unthinking drivers can often spend time in their vehicle with the engine idling, which is incredibly fuel inefficient. The system records this time and can, if required, send alerts when pre-set idling parameters are breached. Now, working with their drivers, Mannvend can educate its workforce to think about their idling time and this awareness has resulted in a large fuel saving.

The route optimisation tool is a particular feature that all of MannVend’s drivers use. “We analyse particular routes with our drivers to plan the most optimum one, which is shorter and quicker,” says Mr Richardson.“As well as reducing fuel consumption, we have improved productivity by being able to attend to more calls and respond to additional calls whilst en route. Our reliability has improved tenfold.”

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‘LiveFleet’ is displayed on a huge screen in the office from where Mr Richardson can locate each vehicle instantly. He has set up scheduled reports and can track mileage easily and, should there be a customer query with regards to a particular delivery or scheduled service, can use the route replay function to confirm the vehicle’s attendance.

As the fleet management system is an online software platform it is accessed through a web browser, which can be upgraded automatically without user intervention. “The Verizon Connect fleet management system is constantly improving with regular updates and new features being added,” says Mr Richardson.

Since installing the fleet management system, MannVend’s efficiency and customer service levels have improved greatly, which has helped the company win new business. “Everyone is on board with the fleet management system,” says Mr Richardson. Nothing is hidden; the screen is displayed centrally for everyone to see. It makes sense and, most importantly, we save money.”

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