Three key takeaways from the Commercial Vehicle Show 2018


Last month’s CV Show was greeted with a positive atmosphere. Confidence amongst businesses in the sector seems at an all-time high.

It is always energising to engage with so many customers and partners, and we had many valuable conversations with them, which revealed three common challenges enterprises are looking to overcome.

The first challenge many businesses said they were facing is the isolation of disparate business units. For example, we heard stories from managers where their ops team had little to no visibility over those in charge of customer service or HR. This can lead to delays and inefficiencies across the business. Breaking down silos within an enterprise has therefore become a bigger priority across the sector.

Secondly, people talked to us a lot about challenges keeping up with new technology. Tools such as AI, IoT and the impending introduction of 5G all have the potential to help businesses more quickly and accurately pinpoint exact causes of inefficiencies that may not have been obvious in order to improve performance across the enterprise. However, the full benefits of new technology can only be realised when an organisation is not operating in silos.

Finally, we heard a lot from customers and partners on how much customer demands are evolving every day. Their expectations are becoming higher and higher. They want faster fulfilment and instant updates on the status of their order. We now live in a world where goods ordered online can arrive on your doorstep within hours, and taxis ordered from your mobile phone appear in seconds. Customers naturally start expecting the same efficiency and transparency from other businesses.

On the stand, discussion often turned to mobile resource management as a useful tool to boost customer satisfaction and enable organisations to get a complete picture of all their operations to provide the near real-time insights customers crave. By embracing this, businesses can also connect previously isolated business units by creating a ‘one world’ view of the business. After connecting these silos, organisations can take a more holistic view of their technology infrastructure which enables them to implement new tools and scale up or down quickly as their needs evolve.

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