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Harnessing the power of technology to help stay safe this winter

By Sergio Barata February 2, 2020

With temperatures set to plummet over the next few months it can be a dangerous time for road users. The combination of rain, wind, ice, and longer periods of darkness can make conditions particularly treacherous.

Stopping distances in icy conditions can be up to 10 times farther than normal, while winter weather can be unpredictable and fast-changing. As a result, fleets must be well equipped to stay one step ahead of nature and minimise the possibility for the winter weather to cause disruption.

Vehicle sensors coupled with mobile resource management platforms can now analyse a driver’s style and provide feedback in near real time. This helps to help coach drivers on improving their winter driving styles, i.e. avoiding harsh braking and reducing their overall speed.

In addition, MRM helps to make Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) faster and more accurate by allowing maintenance checks to be recorded via an intuitive smartphone app. Low temperatures, ice and moisture can be particularly detrimental both for vehicle safety and operational efficiency, making accurate inspections an imperative during the winter months. MRM can determine whether enough time has been spent inspecting a vehicle, safeguarding against any ‘pencil whipping’. The integrated maintenance schedules can also help to keep vehicles in tip-top condition, that otherwise could be under additional strain during poor weather conditions.

With the right tools in place, it’s now easier than ever to help keep fleets safer and running through the winter, whatever the weather. This will not only help you meet your clients’ demands, but can help to reduce costs, and increase your organisation’s output.

Find out more here and download the ebook: Mobile Resource Management: What is it and why do you need it?

Sergio Barata

Sergio Barata is the General Manager for EMEA and has been with the company since 2008.

Tags: Safety, Vehicle maintenance, Team management

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