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Are you keeping your new year’s resolutions on the road?

By Sergio Barata January 25, 2019

You’ve gone back up a waist size, Dry January started leaking, and you gave up the no-meat thing after heading to the local bakery chain for a vegan sausage roll, and emerging with a steak bake.

Try as we might, we humans find making big, long-lasting changes in our lives a massive challenge. In IT, that’s known as change management, and it nearly always happens through the tried and true notion of “digital transformation”.

If you’re trying to digitally transform a fleet of vehicles, it can be like making a New Year’s resolution while driving up a steep hill in fifth gear. With the handbrake on.

Beset with choices of tools and platforms for each change or addition, you’ll also need to deal with a workforce who don’t always see the immediate point in what you’re trying to preach – employees who want to get from A-B – and get their work done - with as little nonsense as possible.

But did you know you can now use a single platform to cover every eventuality in that department? A unified platform isn’t just for the back office or the every day desk-bound employee.

Verizon Connect Mobile Resource Management is the fleet technology management equivalent of hiring a life coach on New Year’s Day, and letting someone else worry about the hows and wheres of getting you to the gym, to night school to learn Spanish and still home in time to cook that quinoa burrito.

Not only does it provide end-to-end connectedness for your fleet with each other and the office, it also lets you track and monitor them as mobile assets and even help your road warriors share information and files with each other with the minimum degree of fuss.

It’s all about gaining real time insights into the whole mobile operation. There’s no longer any need for putting anything off ‘til tomorrow, or next week. Everything you need is right there in front of you, and everyone know what’s coming next, and how to tackle it.

You can’t digitally transform your life, but you can give your mobile workers the boost they need for the year ahead.

For more information on the joys of Verizon Connect Mobile Resource Management, watch the Dummies Guide to Mobile Resource Management video.

Sergio Barata

Sergio Barata is the General Manager for EMEA and has been with the company since 2008.

Tags: Compliance, Cost control, Customer service, Dispatching & scheduling, Productivity & efficiency, Routing, Safety, Payroll, Team management, Vehicle maintenance

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