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TCFM unifies separate systems

By Sergio Barata February 2, 2020

Bringing several standalone systems into one unified solution with Verizon Connect.

Most enterprises will understand the frustration of having multiple stand-alone systems that are incapable of communicating with each other. For TC Facilities Management (TCFM), one of the UK’s leading independent facilities management companies, this lack of integration was causing a major headache.

With mobile workers visiting up to 2,000 sites every week TCFM relied on a tracking system to monitor field worker location, and a separate PDA sign-off solution to enable staff to mark jobs as complete. With no crossover between these two systems, TCFM struggled to build a full picture of its mobile operation. What’s more, retrieving vital information on job status was a manual process, making reporting a laborious task.

Verizon Connect’s solution enabled TCFM’s Ops team plan the most efficient routes, re-route in near real-time and schedule jobs to effectively utilise its mobile assets. It also fulfils all TCFM’s job checklist and compliance processes in one tightly integrated system.

Combining stand alone systems has helped TCFM to improve productivity, reduce costs, streamline the compliance burden and also improve driver safety. Eric Dawson, Business Manager TCFM said:

Visibility is much improved. With all customers now scheduled in a central system, we know exactly when a job should be complete. We can run checks on all our customer visits and schedules and ensure that we are completing the correct sites and schedules when they are due.

“We use the system to check that every site has been visited as scheduled. We can run a compliance check at any time to say this is what is showing as completed. Using this we can ensure that we have the correct sign-off for the corresponding scheduled site, ensuring we have accurate information for billing and compliance purposes.”

Read the full case study here

Sergio Barata

Sergio Barata is the General Manager for EMEA and has been with the company since 2008.

Tags: Team management, Productivity & efficiency, Customer service, Compliance, Cost control

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