New research shows significant rise in fuel costs


This week, released research showing petrol and diesel prices have risen by 7p per litre in the last year.

This price hike is equivalent to approximately £4 per fill-up for everyday motorists – which adds up to more than £60 over the course of a year. This figure only rises for those with higher fuel consumption. Fleet managers are feeling the impact more than others – grappling with pressures to reduce costs on almost every front, while at the same time having to meet challenging SLAs and higher customer service standards.

When there’s little business can do to control the market price of fuel, fleet managers can take simple steps to ensure their fleets are operating as efficiently as possible.

For example, by keeping on top of regular vehicle maintenance and monitoring driver behaviour to reduce fuel bills. Fleet managers can plan more efficient journeys, resulting in less idling and reduced fuel consumption via real-time data analytics and solutions like Mobile Resource Management (MRM).

With fuel costs soaring, eliminating inefficiencies now will only continue to bring greater savings in the future and help fleet owners maintain their competitive edge.

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