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Mobile Resource Management – driving efficiency in the Airline Services industry

By Sergio Barata September 2, 2020

The global Airline Services industry is one of the most competitive: operations are time-sensitive, costs are high, and margins are tight. Failure to effectively manage resources can lead not only to logistics problems, it may also lead to severe financial penalties in the event that flights are delayed due to a ground service being late or missed. Managers in the industry therefore need a platform that provides full visibility of the complex matrix of stakeholders and assets and can highlight ways to streamline operations.

Airline Service companies are turning to innovative technologies such as mobile resource management (MRM) to help achieve the operational excellence which is required. Acting as a single point of communication for all stakeholders – airlines, ATC and ground support staff – MRM can provide a near real-time view of everything that’s happening. This means staff and equipment can be scheduled to arrive only when needed. The system also tracks the operational status of staff and equipment on the ground, which can shine a light on areas of inefficiency, allowing companies to redeploy staff accordingly and help inform planning decisions.

This total visibility of operations also promotes the safety of ground staff, which is of utmost concern to those in the industry. Managers can use the platform to set maximum vehicle speeds within geo-fenced zones, such as in aprons, provide automated alerts when there are deviations from designated routes, and kill switch activation based on whether drivers are behaving dangerously or recklessly. By attributing these to each driver’s ID, rather than the vehicles themselves, managers can set the parameters of each ground worker based on how they need to use vehicles.

Sergio Barata

Sergio Barata is the General Manager for EMEA and has been with the company since 2008.

Tags: Vehicle maintenance, Team management, Safety, Routing, Productivity & efficiency, Data & analytics, Dispatching & scheduling, Customer service, Cost control, Compliance

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