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Autonomous vehicle reality check

By Sergio Barata February 2, 2020

It seems everyone is talking about autonomous vehicles at the moment, and for good reason – they have tremendous potential for fleets.

But it was interesting to see analyst Bob O’Donnell’s article on the range of infrastructure, safety and technology challenges facing self-driving vehicles.

Though progress is certainly being made, with our blog last week discussing the introduction of ‘platooning’ semi-autonomous lorries on British roads, this is still a far cry from a fully autonomous, independent vehicle.

While the driver is still a crucial part of the fleet for the time being, Mobile Resource Management (MRM) can help provide some of the benefits that electric and self-driving vehicles promise to offer.

Through real-time analysis of routes, utilisation and vehicle locations, managers can streamline operations, improve productivity and reduce costs.

Sergio Barata

Sergio Barata is the General Manager for EMEA and has been with the company since 2008.

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