Advanced telematics for utility fleet management

Advanced telematics for utility fleet management

GPS tracking, dispatch, dashcams and compliance solutions for your utility fleet.


Manage your fleet with work management software

Having the control and visibility to respond to an emergency outage is critical for a utility fleet. Verizon Connect offers fleet management software to meet your tracking, dispatch and driver safety needs.

Key benefits

  • Respond quickly to outages with near real-time vehicle tracking and dispatching.
  • Manage fleet safety with driver scorecards and coaching tools.
  • Track vehicle idling and asset utilization, and monitor power take-off (PTO).
  • Improve fleet maintenance of utility vehicles to help prevent costly downtime.


Dispatch vehicles quickly to an outage

To rapidly coordinate a response with your fleet, utility companies need vehicle and worker visibility. Help decrease response times to emergency requests and improve customer satisfaction with your utility fleet operations.

Asset tracking

Improve utility fleet asset management

Monitor equipment use, engine hours and PTO with asset tracking. Keep track of asset location, see when they’re idling and identify underutilized equipment.

Maintenance & compliance

Track utility fleet maintenance and compliance

Our fleet management system allows you to track preventative maintenance schedules. Help reduce unexpected and costly breakdowns and move toward a proactive service strategy. Plus, you can track compliance requirements for IFTA, DVIR and ELD.