No two industries are the same

That’s why you need a fleet management system that is powerful enough to scale as you grow, while flexible to the unique and changing requirements of your industry.

The diverse needs of industries we support are constantly expanding; it’s the beauty of having a single, open platform that works on popular web standards and offers API integration with a wide range of back-office systems. It also works with just about any kind of hardware, and for many new vehicles, it comes built in so you can focus on the solution, not what sort of equipment you need.

Construction & heavy equipment

Manage your construction fleet with GPS tracking for construction and heavy equipment. Verizon Connect provides better visibility when managing multiple job sites and resources.

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Optimise your distribution business with advanced delivery route planner software that adapts quickly to the needs of your business, and your customers.

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Field service

Our dispatch software for the field service industry helps minimise time between jobs with improved fleet visibility and reporting, streamlined work order management, optimised routing and more effective communication between drivers and customer service. Learn more about how Verizon Connect can help bring your team together.

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Through comprehensive reports that detail instances of idling, speeding and excessive acceleration, Haulage fleet managers can quickly address bad practices that lead to unnecessary fuel use and maximise on every tank.

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Oil, gas & mining

Our fleet management software for oil, gas and mining companies promotes safe driving habits, meeting regulatory compliance and helps fleet visibility – even in remote and rugged environments. Learn more about how Verizon Connect can help your fleet take steps to minimise the dangers and respond faster to trouble.

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Passenger transport

Our bus & coach fleet tracking and management software helps provide additional safety and security measures, while cutting costs and increasing productivity.

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When there’s an outage you need utility fleet management software that helps you get the power back on quickly, efficiently and safely, with better visibility on your crews.

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