What is HOS?

Glossary What is HOS?

HOS stands for Hours of Service or alternatively can be known as EU drivers' hours driving limits. It is the maximum allowable working hours for HGV drivers in a given period. It also defines how much rest a driver should have between shifts.

The limits differ for property and passenger carrying drivers.

While subject to change, here are the current rules:

HGV (e.g. goods trucks)

  • 9-hour daily driving limit - Cannot drive for longer than 10 hours twice a week*
  • 45-minute rest breaks - Must be taken every 4.5 hours**
  • 56-hour weekly limit - Cannot drive more than 56 hours in any 1-week period***
  • 90-hour 2 week limit - Cannot drive more than 90 hours in any 2-week period****

*Must be followed by at least 11 hours off duty if working from 6:00am to 7:00pm, or 9 hours off duty if working from 9:00pm to 6:00am the following day
**Can be split into 1 x 15 minute and 1 x 30 minute break in that order only, after 2 hours of driving
*** No more than 2 x 10 hour driving days in a calendar week
****90 hours maximum in a 2 week period, with no more than 56 hours in any one week

This is a guide only, please refer to the DVSA for the most up-to-date rules.

EU drivers' hours driving limits are intended to keep fatigued drivers off the road and improve safety for other road users. Failure to comply can result in a £300 fixed penalty, a graduated deposit of up to £1500, or a court summons.