What does Mobile Resource Management (MRM) mean?

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MRM is the logical evolution of telematics. It is the combination of traditional telematics and GPS tracking with route optimisation and work order management; plus mobile solutions for your workers out in the field such as: Electronic forms, driver coaching apps, commercial navigation, electronic logbooks and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR); all on a single platform. That means no more need to develop expensive API’s to get systems to talk to each other as all the work sits in one place.

Once you have the full picture of your mobile operation you can then integrate with your other business software – billing, payroll, HR, maintenance, CRM, finance, health and safety – adding a whole new dimension to the information you collect every day.

Our solutions

Field service and scheduling

Field service and scheduling

View job progress, provide accurate ETAs and schedule work orders for better field communication and customer satisfaction.

Route Planning software

Route Planning software

Route optimisation software from Verizon Connect helps the bottom line by improving fleet efficiency. Learn more about how our dynamic routing software can help.

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