What does Mobile Resource Management (MRM) mean?

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Mobile Resource management (MRM) is the logical evolution of telematics. It is the combination of traditional telematics and near real-time GPS tracking with asset management, vehicle routing and field service management.

You can add mobile workforce solutions for your team out in the field such as: digital tachographs, electronic forms, driver coaching apps, proof of delivery, commercial navigation and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR); all on a single MRM platform. That means no more need to develop expensive API’s to get different location tracking and job management systems to talk to each other as all the work sits in one place.

Once you have the full picture of your mobile operation you can then integrate with your other business software – invoicing, timesheets, payroll, maintenance, CRM, finance, health and safety – adding a whole raft of benefits to your business operations.

Benefits of Mobile Resource Management

Any company that operates with a team of mobile workers can benefit from MRM - from delivery fleets, to heavy equipment and construction providers, to haulage companies.

An MRM solution provides operations managers with complete visibility into everything that’s on-the go so that teams can help to control costs, reduce idle times, deploy current assets and staff more efficiently, aim for the best customer experience, and maintain compliance with all safety standards and regulatory mandates.

Fleet management
MRM programs can help keep fleets running efficiently by controlling maintenance costs and downtime, planning efficient routes and tracking fuel consumption. An MRM solution can help fleet managers assign the right number and type of mobile assets to the right job sites, people and vehicles.

With MRM, teams can maintain worksite safety and demonstrate mobile duty of care. By identifying unsafe driving behaviour, tracking heavy machinery operator performance, providing insights into accident or damage claims, and protecting against potential fraud, theft and supervisory negligence claims, businesses can reduce risk due to consequential losses.

Human resources can use an MRM solution to gain a near real-time connection to all on-the-go employees. Whether it’s visibility, near real-time coaching, additional training or helping vehicle operators to hit efficiency targets, an MRM software solution gives HR the tools they need to make employees even better.

Sales and customer relations
An MRM solution helps to provide more on-time service calls, increase the number of deliveries and appointments, and provide better ETA visibility to customers.

An MRM solution helps improve cash flow and speeds up billing by enabling the finance department to streamline payment and processing operations, as well as reduce invoice and settlement disputes.

An MRM solution can help simplify the classification of business and personal journeys. This helps to reduce administration time and produces mileage reports in an HMRC-ready format.

By making aspects like kilometers and hours driven, hours on site, and time from clock-in to departure easy to measure, and by moving from paper to electronic timesheets, an MRM solution helps payroll to perform more efficiently.

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