Field service management software

Field service management software that helps you synchronize your assets to optimize your business.

Field service management software that helps you synchronize your assets to optimize your business.

Turn chaos into control

Field service software from Verizon Connect connects your people, vehicles, equipment and customers to help you run your business better. Our intuitive tools surface valuable data and reveal important insights about your fleet operations—insights that can make you more efficient, more accurate, more predictable and more competitive.

Better awareness

Knowing your fixed and variable costs, along with available resources and job requirements, you can schedule and assign jobs to the right person, at the right time. And all of this is made possible with field service management software.


An online dashboard that allows you to view your entire workforce in near real time, and help improve your mobile strategy.


Field service management software helps determine not just the best route between two points but the best order to complete the day’s work orders.

Fast reporting

Turn regular paper forms into electronic ones that field technicians can complete on the go. Automated reporting can save time and give you quicker access to your data.

All your paperwork in one digital place

Everything you need in one place to get the job, do the work and get paid. Save time, reduce admin overhead and minimize data entry errors.

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Job scheduling, simplified

Job scheduling software simplifies the process of finding a time that suits both you and the customer – and then arranges all those jobs in the most efficient order for your mobile workers.

Search thousands of available time slots in a matter of seconds, factoring in all the relevant data about your running costs and resource availability (drivers and vehicles), to help you choose the most cost-effective time to book in a new job.

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Put mobile workers on the right path, right from the start

With field service software you can have a mobile worker’s jobs delivered direct to their mobile device. Right from the start of their shift they’ll know exactly what they’re doing and where they’re going. Include all the information they need about each job including specific customer requests and turn-by-turn navigation.

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Bring your own device

Empower your field workers with fully-featured work order management software that’s compatible with the smartphones and tablets they already use. Jobs can be added, updated or reassigned, and then automatically synchronized with your back office database.

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Match your forms to your job needs

Job forms can be customized to match the exact needs of each work order – collect relevant information such as site details, photographs and customer signature verification and upload it to the back office.

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Faster turnaround on paperwork

Take control of your schedules, invoices, quotes and more by moving them into the cloud. Instead of chasing missing paperwork or needing to return to the office to access your reports, you can simply log in and view them online.

Be more productive by simplifying, organizing and managing your day to day operations with field service management software from Verizon Connect.

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Make a great plan even better

Historical work performance is reviewed automatically and analyzed to help you optimize operations, reduce unnecessary miles and keep field technicians on time.

Review the day’s performance to make sure optimized plans are workable and discover opportunities to fine-tune tomorrow’s plan. Help your drivers to be even more efficient, and service more customers in less time.

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Works offline

Completed DVIR form data entered offline is automatically synchronized as soon as the device connects to the internet.

Data security

Driver IDs, logins and restricted access means customer data is secure, and safely backed up in carrier-grade data centers with full reporting options.

Electronic signatures

Proof of Service forms can be electronically signed using their touch-screen device and stored securely for audit purposes.

Flexible forms

DVIR forms can be customized to meet the specific needs of any equipment or vehicles being inspected to improve usability.

Meet tough SLAs

Keep customers happy and win more business by more easily accommodating specific customer needs including strict time windows.

Cloud-based reporting

Access all your customer records, including quotes, invoices, job reports and work history, using a secure web portal.

Location aware

GPS hardware collects location data as well as movement to automate change of status for accurate HOS reporting.