Field service management software

Field service management software

With Reveal Field, you can manage and dispatch jobs on a drag-and-drop calendar, provide ETA's to customers and have techs provide job status through a mobile app.

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In the field, at the office, in control

Respond to customer requests with greater visibility of technicians and job status using field service software. Have everyone login to one system to avoid patching together separate calendars and spreadsheets.

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Simplify scheduling with an easy-to-use calendar

Office staff can see what field workers are available, schedule service calls and jobs, add customers information and include job details. Use a drag-and-drop calendar to schedule and manage jobs. See smart scheduling recommendations based on tech availability, skill set, location and whether they know the customer.

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Easily communicate with field technicians

Dispatch jobs directly to techs and allow them to set job status. Techs can see their schedule and collect signatures, photos and notes while at the job site – all from the field service app.

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Improve customer satisfaction with ETA notifications

Automatically alert customers of ETAs and delays using GPS data. Dispatchers receive an alert if a technician hasn’t viewed a job, and customer appointment notifications and reminders can be automated.

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Provide proof-of-delivery details

Use custom paperless forms to capture proof-of-delivery data from the field. Reduce manual data entry for drivers and allow them to take photos and collect signatures from their mobile app.

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Manage your field service operations all in one place

Login to the same system for both GPS fleet tracking and field service software. See job status, schedule a job and track your vehicles in near real-time from a central hub. View the live map and calendar to better respond to emergency jobs.

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Collect customer ratings and reviews

See how the company and technicians are performing with customer ratings and reviews. View a dashboard of ratings to help track performance over time and address customer issues quickly.

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How Reveal Field works

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    Receive a job request from a customer.


    Book a job based on technician availability, skill set, location and whether they know the customer.


    Automatically send a customer appointment confirmation.

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    View job schedule and job details on a mobile device.


    Receive new jobs as they are dispatched.


    Provide job status and proof of service back to the office.

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    See job status and vehicle location on the live map.


    Provide more accurate ETA to customer.


    Offer a more responsive customer experience.

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    Get an appointment confirmation and reminder via text message or email.


    Receive a notification when the technician is on the way.


    Once a job is complete, submit a rating and review of the job and technician.

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Smart scheduling

Schedule an appointment on the drag-and-drop calendar with technician suggestions based on availability, skill set and location.


See all open or unassigned jobs, quickly assign and dispatch jobs, and notify technicians of new jobs, all in near real time.

Job management

Add customer information and job details, including job type, customer address and contact information.

Multi-technician and multi-visit

Schedule jobs that require multiple technicians for large jobs or multiple visits (consecutive or non-consecutive).


Receive a notification when a job has not been viewed by a technician and find out if there is a delay.

Technician status

View a list of jobs for the day and important job details. Report on job status – in progress or complete.

Proof of service

Capture job notes, photos and signatures from the field in the technician mobile app - available for ipad, iphone or android mobile devices.

Customer notifications

Send appointment reminders and confirmations to customers and provide ETA notifications via email or text message.

Customer ratings

Ask your customers to provide ratings of the technician and job.

Customer reviews

Ask your customers to provide reviews of the technician and job.

Ratings and reviews dashboard

View company and technician performance over time.

QuickBooks Integration

The QuickBooks Online integration for Reveal Field helps field service admins  start building their invoice with job and contact data in Reveal Field and finish the invoice in QBO.

Frequently asked questions

What is field service management software?

Field service management software helps businesses manage technicians who perform reoccurring jobs in the field. This includes companies in the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, general contractor and landscaping businesses.

Our Reveal Field software allows you to digitize the way you do work instead of using paper notes, a whiteboard for scheduling, and having to call your technicians to see what is happening on a job. This software is also known as FSM software, work order management software or field service dispatch software.

How does it help my field service business?

Reveal Field lets everyone who works for you log into the same system to better communicate and perform tasks they previously had to do manually. Dispatchers can put job details into the system rather than on paper notes that can get lost. It can increase productivity by removing the need to call technicians every time there is a job update. It reduces interruptions for the technician while they are on-premise, and it can help your customers see that their scheduled appointment is under control. It streamlines all your field service management tools, customer relationship management (CRM) functions and business processes into one software solution.

How does this benefit my customers?

Most customers in today’s digital environment expect fast and personalized service. When you can provide text and email reminders and confirmations, it helps build a positive reputation for your company, whether you are a small business or a large nationwide organization. Our system also allows you to better estimate ETAs, so you can offer more exact time windows.

Many of our customers have to handle emergency jobs that require a quick response. The live map paired with the easy-to-use scheduling feature helps you find the nearest technician and check their schedule to see when you can send them to that job. It all combines to provide a better customer experience – one they will want to tell their friends about.

How long will it take me to learn the system and train my staff?

Our system is designed to be intuitive for everyone. Both dispatchers and technicians have a dedicated onboarding experience through the system to help them learn how it works. They can easily get started using this step-by-step walkthrough of Reveal Field.

Do you have advice for getting my techs to adopt the software?

Our system gives more autonomy for technicians, so there are less back-and-forth phone calls with the back office. It allows them to press a button to set their status and move on with their day. The ease of use of our system paired with the convenience helps make their day easier.

How do I install the software?

You log into the software through your internet browser, so no installation is required. You access the Reveal Field system via your desktop computer, and technicians access their mobile app on their compatible smartphone or tablet.

Do I need GPS fleet tracking to use Reveal Field?

Yes, you’ll need to have our Reveal GPS fleet tracking system. The two solutions work together to give you vehicle and technician data when you need it, all so you can make more efficient and productive decisions about your business. Learn more about fleet tracking.

What customer support do you offer?

We offer training and support to onboard you and your staff, as well as ongoing Customer Support. You are also assigned a dedicated Account Manager who periodically checks in to see how things are going and to answer any questions you may have.

What is the smart scheduler?

The smart scheduler feature provides suggestions for a technician based on the job details. Instead of searching through dozens of tech names, it will make suggestions for the best worker based on their schedule, skill set and location. This helps dispatchers quickly find a suitable tech for emergency jobs or to book any job without having to search through all the tech options.

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