Hours of service (HOS) tracking software

Track hours of service with easy-to-use software

Hours-of-service tracking software integrated with your commercial vehicles can help you improve efficiency, monitor driver fatigue and reduce finable HOS concerns, like:

  • Missing or out-of-date driver logs
  • Driving hours over the daily allowance
  • Paper log errors associated with driving time, and form and manner violations

Improve safety with an electronic logbook

Improve safety with an electronic logbook

Easily monitor rest breaks with near real-time tracking and an electronic logging device (ELD). Automated alerts provide better visibility into your fleet’s HOS needs.

Simplify HOS compliance for truck drivers

Simplify HOS compliance for truck drivers

Make following complex FMCSA HOS regulations easier with regular updates for emergency declarations, natural disasters and the HOS final rule. Our app simplifies compliance for commercial drivers who keep a record of duty status (RODS).

See recent hours-of-service rule changes

Drive more efficiently with an ELD

Drive more efficiently with an ELD

Our secure, easy-to-use ELD solution is simple to set up and helps drivers get through DOT roadside vehicle inspections quickly. Help drivers reduce violations and save your business money.


See all your vehicles on one screen

With all of your vehicles and assets on a live map, you can quickly check hours-of-service compliance. Integration with our fleet tracking solution can help improve driver safety, dispatching and communication.

Case study

See how R&M Trucking is improving safety, routing and compliance for their drivers.

Not having to work with paper frees up the driver to do their main job—drive.

Mike Narvaez
Safety and Compliance Director