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Take control of fuel card costs

Our commercial fleet management software features seamless integration with fuel cards, powerful reporting tools and near real-time fuel data. Monitor fuel card spend to keep your fleet operations on budget and help coach better driving behaviors.

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Dive deeper into fuel card reporting data

Dive deeper into fuel card reporting data

View fuel transaction history by vehicle within your fleet fuel management system. Use this report to monitor your fuel expenses budget and compare both fuel purchases and mpg between vehicles.

Pinpoint fuel theft and card abuse

Pinpoint fuel theft and card abuse

Help detect fraud on fuel cards for truckers. View incidents where the fleet gas card purchase exceeded the vehicle’s tank capacity or use near real-time data to identify when a vehicle was not at the pump when the fuel was purchased.

Reduce fuel usage and costs with telematics

Reduce fuel usage and costs with telematics

See the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions of each vehicle with fleet fuel management software. Help decrease your environmental impact and help increase cost savings. Fuel management systems with GPS tracking can make filing fuel taxes like IFTA easier.

Improve fleet fuel economy with improved driver behaviors

Improve fleet fuel economy with improved driver behaviors

See the fuel efficiency by vehicle to uncover where driver performance is lacking. Use this fleet fuel management report to identify overlooked vehicle maintenance or unwanted driver behaviors, like excessive speeding or idling.

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See our flexible fuel card program

See our flexible fuel card program

Verizon Connect fleet management software can integrate with most trucking fuel card systems to help you get reliable, easy-to-use reports.

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See how Veterans Towing reduced fuel consumption

Talking about reducing cost, sitting there idling for a half hour or an hour burns quite a bit of money when the vehicle doesn’t need to be on.”

Ryan Barbour
Managing Partner, Veterans Towing

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Frequently asked questions

How does an integrated fleet fuel card work?

Verizon Connect fleet management solutions integrate with fuel cards to provide all fuel transaction data in one place without the need for paper receipts. Fleet managers can see when cards are used for fueling, and track vehicles and drivers that are inefficient. Integration and reporting help fleet managers monitor fuel spend, reduce fraud and see environmental impact by vehicle.

What does a fuel management system do?

A fuel management system helps you monitor fuel use (broken down by state for fuel taxes), identify inefficient drivers, detect fuel card fraud and decrease your environmental impact. Verizon Connect fuel reports help you find which vehicles aren’t being used efficiently, so you can coach your drivers on how to improve their behaviors, like reducing idle time. Using current and historical data, you can set benchmarks to help you achieve fuel savings throughout your fleet.

How do you manage fuel for a fleet?

The first step to fuel control is having clear, easy-to-access data about all of your fuel card transactions. An all-in-one fleet management system with fuel card integration helps show you when vehicles are used inefficiently and when drivers waste fuel or abuse fuel card privileges. Access to in-depth reporting and near real-time SMS and mobile app notifications help you react quickly to reduce your fuel spend.

Which fuel cards does Verizon Connect software support?

Verizon Connect fleet management systems can integrate with most fuel card providers. Some popular integrations include AmeriFuel, Comdata, FLEETCOR and Fuelman. If your provider isn’t listed here, we’re happy to work with them to get your integration up and running.

How do I start tracking my fuel purchases with Verizon Connect?

To get started, just request an integration from your provider via the Verizon Connect marketplace, add or upload fuel cards to your fleet management system, and then assign fuel cards to your vehicles. Now you can see vehicle data for fuel purchased, fuel efficiency, lost fuel and environmental impact. Verizon Connect makes it easy by letting you integrate with almost any fuel card provider. Contact Customer Support if you need assistance.