Geofence monitoring for fleet management


Manage your assets with geofence monitoring

Geofencing, or region monitoring can help your business strengthen security, asset utilization and productivity. Automated alerts and patented geofence technology within the Verizon Connect fleet tracking system give you near real-time visibility into your entire fleet.

Create geofences with custom, virtual perimeters around meaningful geographic areas to see job site visits, duration and frequency. Use suggested geofences to help you decide if you want drivers to avoid certain areas.

Strengthen security, and speed up theft recovery

Strengthen security, and speed up theft recovery

A geofence GPS tracker can help keep tabs on your fleet after business hours. Receive near real-time alerts (straight to the mobile app on your Apple iOS or Android smartphone) when company vehicles or assets are moved outside a virtual fence without authorization. Near real-time GPS vehicle tracking helps you react to problems faster and act quickly to help recover stolen vehicles.

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Get more out of your vehicle and asset tracking

With geofencing fleet management, you can quickly see where and how long your vehicles and assets are on a job site. Increase utilization by reallocating resources when necessary. Get quick access to:

  • Location visits and stop details
  • Average time spent at each location
  • Average time spent traveling to and from each location

Keep your crew productive

Keep your crew productive

Having a GPS tracker with geofence functionality can tell you when your crew enters or leaves designated areas, which can help you verify timesheets, reduce unauthorized vehicle use and streamline travel.

Our GPS tracking system can also configure geofences for frequently accessed locations and analyze the size, shape (polygon and circular regions) and activity around a geofence to point out corrections.

Uncover avoidable payroll costs

Uncover avoidable payroll costs

GPS geofencing can help you confirm overtime costs and reduce unnecessary trips during work hours.

Case studies

See how National HME is improving their business.

From setting up geofences to fuel tracking, Verizon Connect is far superior on features like that. You guys hit it on all points.

Joe Blanks
Fleet Manager, National HME

Field managers have liked the ability to be able to put geofences around employee’s homes in order to see if employees are stopping at home or restaurants throughout the day.

Sean Maczko
Fleet Coordinator, ACRT Inc

See how ACRT benefits from Verizon Connect.

It gives you everything you need to know about where, when and how long any truck is somewhere at any given time. It really helps with tracking the actual ‘on the job site’ time.

Vicki Laake
Office Manager, Papalia Plumbing & Heating

See how Papalia Plumbing & Heating benefits from Verizon Connect.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I draw a geofence on a map?

A GPS geofence can be drawn around a job site, business, residence or any physical location on a map. Our software can even recommend corrections if the geofence you draw is missing part of a location.

What are suggested geofences?

Suggested geofences are GPS locations that our software has identified as frequently visited by your vehicles. This gives you insight into everywhere your vehicles go throughout the day, including locations you might not have known are being visited often. With this information from a GPS tracking system, you can identify if drivers are going places they shouldn’t be, like certain job sites, roads, stores, homes or restaurants.

How can I create a new geofence in Verizon Connect Reveal?

In the Places tab, you can view and edit locations you previously created, correct geofences and view suggested geofences. Visit the Reveal Help Center for more information.

Can I upload geofences created in other GIS software?

Yes. Just download our template, fill it out and upload it to Verizon Connect Reveal. Visit the Reveal Help Center for step-by-step instructions.

What types of alerts are available in Verizon Connect Reveal?

You can receive alerts for activity, idling, geofence (place), harsh driving, ignition, inactivity, late start, long stop, speeding, entrance and exit events, sensor activation and more. Visit the Reveal Help Center to see more alert types.