Tranzaura are a SaaS company specializing in digitally optimising fleet management, maintenance, and compliance.

Solution type:
Required software:
Verizon Connect Reveal
Supported region:
United Kingdom, Ireland


Tranzaura provides the transport industry with a paperless, cloud-based, fully integrated and feature rich digital platform to manage compliance and maintenance, that’s all supported by DVSA Earned Recognition. From one integrated platform, fleets can manage daily vehicle and driver compliance activities in one real time dashboard, including remote tachograph downloads and analysis, daily walk-around checks, asset registers and defect reporting, all with a seamless integration to Reveal data.


  • Driver & Vehicle Compliance Software that is fully accredited by the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme.
  • One digital platform for driver and vehicle compliance with remote tachograph download capability and seamless integration for telematics.
  • Live KPI reporting dashboards, troubleshooting on telematics, and vehicle and driver compliance to inform decision making.


  • Seamless integration for tachograph analysis, providing infringement analysis and remote downloads
  • Defect creation from diagnostic trouble codes 
  • Live view of walkaround checks and defect reporting 
  • Single pane view of telematics and vehicle compliance


Founded in 2010 Tranzaura’s reason to enter the digital safety and compliance world was clear; to positively influence all those involved in transport to have a better day. Tranzaura streamlines and optimizes operational activities, removing complexity, reducing manual efforts and providing a flexible platform that serves as the backbone to your fleet operations. Tranzaura are now the fastest growing SaaS company in fleet management, maintenance, and compliance; bringing together all the end user tools needed for everyone in transport to manage their operation more efficiently.

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