Whip Around

Verizon Connect integrates with Whip Around so you can easily manage and track daily inspections and maintenance to help you manage compliance.

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Required software:
Verizon Connect Reveal
Supported region:
Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, United States, United Kingdom
Whip Around


The Verizon Connect and Whip Around integration enables fleet managers, drivers and mechanics to manage daily inspections and DVIRs much more efficiently and effectively. Quickly identify defects and report them to management and mechanics from the field and streamline your fleet maintenance processes. 


  • Manage compliance: Help meet federally mandated requirements to avoid fines and keep drivers safe.
  • Streamline processes: Reduce paperwork and automate your DVIR vehicle inspection process.
  • A centralized hub: Connect Verizon Connect and Whip Around to keep all records up-to-date and accessible from one place.


  • Quickly import Verizon Connect vehicle to automatically send location data and odometer readings to Whip Around.
  • Leverage existing templates that comply with federal mandates or create custom forms that can be used to replace paper processes such as Health & Safety, Licensing Renewals and more.
  • Allow drivers to easily complete trip inspections through the Whip Around mobile app (available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets).
  • Identify when and how you would like drivers to complete their checks for specific vehicle types.
  • Easily manage defects and maintenance processes from the Whip Around app, which is easy to access in case of an inspection.


Whip Around simplifies the complex world of fleet compliance and maintenance by streamlining the inspection process for drivers, fleet managers and mechanics. Our mobile app for vehicle and asset inspections enables customers to be safer, more efficient and more productive. For more information on Whip Around, visit www.whiparound.com.

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