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Verizon Connect’s Gold-Winning Momentum

By Verizon Connect Team July 9, 2024

Verizon Connect is proud to announce it has won four gold honors from the Globee® Awards. They include the 11th Annual 2024 Awards for Customer Excellence, the 9th Annual 2024 American Best in Business Awards, the 16th Annual 2024 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards, and the 19th Annual 2024 Technology Awards.

In this blog, we will dive into the gold-winning submissions, celebrating Verizon Connect’s remarkable journey over the past year.

11th Annual 2024 Globee® Awards for Customer Excellence

The Globee® Awards for Customer Experience Achievement in Innovation recognizes the game-changing nature of Verizon Connect's device health technology for fleet managers. The "Device Health Check" feature within the Verizon Connect Reveal platform provides unparalleled support and monitoring of device health, allowing customers to self-troubleshoot vehicle tracker devices on their accounts. The platform offers seamless digital customer support, including "ping and restart" functionality, direct chat with support agents, and access to relevant help resources.

Verizon Connect also goes beyond device health to address camera misalignment issues. Their support extends to road-facing cameras, crucial for accurate Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) functionalities. By enabling customers to self-remediate these issues, Verizon Connect enhances safety within fleet management operations.

9th Annual 2024 Globee® Awards for American Business

Verizon Connect was honored as the gold winner for achievement in product innovation in the 9th Annual 2024 Globee® Awards for American Business for revolutionising fleet management with groundbreaking innovations.

Verizon Connect is a leading innovator in the fleet management industry. Over the past year, the company has introduced groundbreaking solutions aimed at revolutionising fleet management and asset tracking, demonstrating its commitment to driving efficiency, productivity, and success for its customers. Here are a few highlights:

  • Verizon Connect updated its Reveal platform with the EV Suitability Tool, a new feature that enhances the core fleet management capabilities of Reveal.
  • The company introduced its proprietary Equipment Asset Tracker (EAT) solution in North America in 2023 and later in Europe in 2024.
  • A new video-based driver coaching solution was launched to complement the Integrated Video solution, allowing fleet managers to operationalise, monitor, and boost safe driving behaviours with Coaching Sessions and driver safety profiles.
  • Verizon Connect responded to customer feedback by offering customisable term options within its flagship product, Verizon Connect Reveal fleet management solutions.
  • Additionally, Verizon Connect conducts annual studies using first-hand data from fleet managers in the Fleet Technology Trends Report.

16th Annual 2024 Golden Bridge Awards®

Verizon Connect was awarded gold in the transportation category for its EV Suitability Tool at the 16th Annual 2024 Golden Bridge Awards®. The tool, introduced in 2023 as part of the Reveal platform, automatically analyses fleet data and suggests which vehicles could be replaced with electric vehicles (EVs).

Verizon Connect’s EV Suitability Tool is a game changer for fleet managers looking to transition to EVs and achieve sustainability goals. It reduces barriers to EV adoption and provides valuable insights throughout a vehicle’s lifespan. Vehicles are categorised as “Excellent,” “Good,” or “OK” fits for EV replacement based on their daily range requirements, enabling informed decisions and cost savings.

19th Annual 2024 Globee® Awards for Technology 

The 19th Annual 2024 Globee® Awards for Technology acknowledges exceptional achievements and innovation in the technology sector, honoring the most impactful advancements and contributions from organisations and individuals worldwide. Verizon Connect was awarded the gold medal in the Asset Management category for their Equipment Asset Tracker (EAT) and the AEMP 2.0 telematics integration.

The development of EAT and upgrade to the AEMP 2.0 telematics standard are a testament to Verizon Connect's dedication to innovation. The solutions digitise asset management, allowing businesses to overcome traditional limitations and empowering managers to monitor assets in real-time, thereby improving asset utilisation and streamlining operations.

A Commitment to Innovation

Winning the Globee® Awards reaffirms Verizon Connect's unwavering dedication to supporting its valued customers through innovative solutions. Verizon Connect's journey, from empowering customers to revolutionising technology and embracing sustainability, deserves applause. Continuing to lead the fleet management industry, this gold-winning momentum remains an inspiration. Congratulations, Verizon Connect!

Verizon Connect Team

We drive a connected world in constant motion! We automate, optimise and revolutionise the way people, vehicles and things move around the world.

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