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Top fleet management insights for UK businesses

By Verizon Connect Team February 2, 2024

The number of businesses adopting fleet management technologies continues to increase in the UK every year. More and more business owners want to transform their companies into data-driven businesses that have real-time insights of how their fleet is performing. This can help improve productivity, manage fleet costs with ease and improve daily operations.

More and more professionals in the UK are relying on fleet management technologies to shape their company into a connected and smart business. In fact, the latest Fleet Technology Trends survey revealed that fleet technologies are becoming increasingly popular. The most utilised technologies in the UK in 2023 were: 

  • GPS tracking: 70%
  • In-cab video (including front-facing and driver-facing cameras): 49%
  • Asset/trailer/equipment tracking: 47% 
  • Field service management (scheduling, dispatch, communication): 59%

It is also interesting to note that asset tracking was the fastest growing fleet management technology in the UK – a 20% increase compared with 2023. These solutions help to monitor your valuable equipment, find new ways to enhance workflows, improve utilisation, track maintenance and extend the life of your assets.

Fleet management technologies have become key in daily business operations and providing owners with tangible results. Here are some insights that British fleet managers and mobility professionals shared in the latest Fleet Technology Trends Survey that can help you and your business. 

Let’s get started:

1.GPS is once again the top fleet management technology in the UK

Managing a fleet and its equipment is a daily challenge for fleet and business managers. GPS fleet management technology is much more than just a dot on a map.

It is a game-changing solution that helps businesses achieve a fully connected, smarter fleet. This is made possible thanks to real-time triggers that provide information about fleet performance. This means that GPS fleet management technology can help improve day-to-day operations, boosting efficiency, productivity, safety, sustainability and can even reduce operating costs.

A GPS management solution can help unveil your fleet’s full potential and enables you to:

  • Monitor daily operations in near real time: Boost the safety and security of your team and vehicles. 
  • Reduce fuel consumption across your entire fleet: Decrease operational costs and contribute to your business’ profitability.
  • Transform your productivity: Manage your team’s work time better.
  • Manage and reduce your fleet costs: Analyse costs, identify best practices and take measures to improve the efficiency of your fleet, on a daily, weekly or long-term basis.
  • Optimise your routes: Choose the quickest and safest routes. Also, reducing congestion helps to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Establish a preventive vehicle maintenance program: Promote good fleet performance. This will improve the safety of equipment, vehicles, vehicle availability and fuel consumption. Poor vehicle maintenance can increase fuel consumption and, if not corrected, can lead to costly mechanical breakdowns.

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why 76% of British fleet managers using fleet management solutions rated GPS fleet tracking software as “extremely or very beneficial” when it came to managing their fleets.  

Download the full Fleet Technology Trends Report UK 2024 to learn more about all the key insights, trends and results achieved by British fleet professionals that can also help your business. 

2.Fleet management brings crucial results for businesses

The use of fleet management technologies can make a significant difference to any business and can help it achieve its most important goals. In fact, the results of the Fleet Technology Trends Survey in the UK showed that the majority of respondents found the technology greatly beneficial for their businesses.

Here are the top 5 improvements that UK businesses achieved since implementing a GPS fleet management system: 

  • 62% Improved tachograph/ regulatory compliance 
  • 62% Improved routing 
  • 61% Improved productivity 
  • 54% Decreased fuel consumption 
  • 54% Improved customer service 

Download the full Fleet Technology Trends Report UK 2024 to learn more about the top 13 improvements achieved by British fleet professionals that can also help your business.

3. Investing in fleet management pays off

As we have seen, fleet management technology brings real results for businesses. But how long will it take to achieve a return on the investment?

According to the latest survey, 86% of UK businesses achieved a Return on Investment (ROI) in one year or less. The remaining 14% achieved it in more than a year.

Return On Investment timeframe for UK businesses*: 

  • Less than 3 months: 8% 
  • Between 3 and 6 months: 36% 
  • Between 7 and 12 months: 42%

Advance your fleet and business

The Fleet Technology Trends Report UK 2024 unveils even more ways fleets are using technology to overcome business challenges, achieve their goals, improve efficiency and productivity and drive down costs. 

Download the new Fleet Technology Trends Report UK 2024

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