3 ways vehicle tracking can help to improve customer service


When thinking of fleet management, it’s easy to visualise it as simply dots on a map. But tracking your drivers’ whereabouts is only one small part of what a fleet tracking solution can help you to achieve. Here are three more ways vehicle tracking can help you to boost your performance, improve customer service and potentially better your bottom line.

Monitor arrival times

Fleet tracking solutions can help fleet managers to get a more accurate ETA or delivery estimate, so the next time a customer is chasing a delivery or technician, a reliable answer is close at hand. Not only does accurate information like this help to reduce the estimated window of time that a customer has to wait for your service, but it can also help when it comes to invoicing. 

Service more customers every day

By providing real-time insight regarding fastest routes to job sites, which field worker is closest, and how long field workers spend at each location, fleet management software can provide intelligence to help you make the most of your company’s time.

Take control of your admin

A solution such as Verizon Connect Work, for example, allows you to cut back on time spent executing administrative tasks like route planning and logging timesheets. What’s more, as you have ready access to accurate information regarding time spent at each job, invoicing time is potentially cut in half. 

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