Is your fleet’s tyre pressure deflating profits?


Research recently released by tyre manufacturer Michelin estimates that 60 percent of motorists are driving on under-inflated tyres, half of which are at dangerously low levels.

Michelin’s testing also revealed that tyres which are 20 percent under-inflated will need to be replaced more frequently than those running at optimum levels. They estimate that the average tyre can safely cover 25,000 miles, while an under-inflated one needs replacing after 20,000 – a difference of 20 percent. 

Tyre pressure also impacts the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and the safety performance of the vehicle. Multiplied across the fleet, this is a massive potential loss and will give fleet and operations managers plenty of fuel for thought.

Mobile resource management can help solve the problem however – especially when combined with a vehicle manufacturer partnership, such as Ford Telematics powered by Telogis. These services give managers real-time visibility of how their vehicles are performing, tracking details such as oil change warnings, water contamination in diesel fuel, tyre pressure, safety belt usage and airbag status.

Read more about the Telogis Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solution here and how we can help you improve safety & efficiency across your fleet.

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