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Fleet tech your way to summer success

By Verizon Connect Team July 4, 2024

With the summer season in full swing, passenger transport companies up and down the UK are as busy as ever. Getting increasingly demanding customers where they need to be is no easy task at the best of times. But add packed vehicles, high temperatures and the usual summer roadworks, the challenge can be even more daunting.

Few passenger transport firms have the luxury of expanding their fleet in peak season, leaving most to meet this high demand with the resources already at their disposal. Increasingly, the industry's fleet managers and business owners are turning to fleet management technology to lend a helping hand.

Verizon Connect customers, like Reading-based operator Horseman Coaches, use our fleet technology solutions to increase efficiency, reduce costs and help make their customers happy every day. The company reports significant reductions in idling time and improvements in driver behaviour since implementing our system – both of which have helped to lower fuel costs.

Reveal's Live Map feature allows staff to provide immediate answers to any clients requesting updates on the status of their coaches. 

Horseman's customers are seeing the benefits, too. As staff can now track all vehicles in near real-time, they are much better placed to respond to customer queries and offer timely and accurate updates to ETAs. This live map data is also shared directly with customers, allowing them to track their coach wherever it is in the country.

How fleet technology keeps passenger transport moving

Horseman Coaches is far from the only company seeing results like these since implementing fleet management solutions. Many others use our system to increase productivity, reduce costs and help keep customers safe and satisfied.

Verizon Connect's applications can help you:

Build a safe fleet
As you know, passenger transport companies have an enormous duty of care to their customers. Promoting safe driving is paramount to a successful fleet, but it is often easier said than done with drivers out on the road at all hours.

With a fleet technology solution, you can be alerted to a range of unsafe behaviours, such as speeding and late braking, as they occur. Audible in-cab alerts also attract drivers' attention to these incidents, allowing them to take corrective action in the moment.

These incidents and more can be used to create a driver safety scorecard – the safer the driver, the higher the score. In addition to encouraging healthy competition within your fleet, this data can be used to reward top performers and coach others to improve.

Increase your service levels
Every passenger transport company dreams of putting more vehicles on the road during peak season. Fortunately, fleet management technology offers the next best thing.

With intelligent algorithms plotting your daily routes, you can be confident that every day's schedule is efficient. As well as helping reduce unnecessary time spent behind the wheel, this approach can allow you to fit more stops into the working day.

The Live Map feature also allows you to track every route in near real-time, quickly find and reroute drivers as required, and send new routing instructions directly to their in-cab device.

Just like Horseman Coaches, you can share this location data with your customers, allowing them to track vehicles between stops and view latest ETAs and delay notifications.

Keep fuel costs down
The fluctuating cost of fuel is a constant headache for passenger transport companies. But while there's nothing any of us can do about the price at the pump, fleet technology can help to reduce overall consumption.

Our Live Map allows you to dispatch the nearest available vehicle to a pick-up, reducing unnecessary mileage, while integrated traffic data allows you to spot congestion and replan routes.

Data gathered on everything from idling to speeding can also help you coach more fuel-efficient driving styles throughout your fleet.

For added peace of mind, set virtual perimeters – geofences – around all authorised routes and locations. Once in place, you'll receive an alert whenever a vehicle detours unnecessarily.

Put your passengers first – with Verizon Connect

When peak season hits, you must be ready to serve your customers. With Verizon Connect, you can help keep your vehicles moving and your people safe throughout the summer and beyond.

Once in place, our suite of applications can help you improve and automate your business, enabling you to spot inefficiency, promote safety, grow revenues, and react fast to passenger needs.  

But you don't have to take our word for it. Check out our customer case studies for more insight and real-world results from businesses like yours. Or, if you'd rather see our solution in action, book a free demo today.

Verizon Connect Team

We drive a connected world in constant motion! We automate, optimise and revolutionise the way people, vehicles and things move around the world.

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