The gamification of fleet safety


Every driver knows the importance of safer driving. But, while it is important, it’s not the most enthralling of subjects.

While the benefits of safer driving are likely catch the attention of the business owner – who is most probably interested in lower fuel consumption and reduced insurance premiums, for the driver, the prospect of slower speeds, smoother acceleration and optimal fuel economy is less likely to get the pulse racing.

Gamification can help to change this mindset and get your drivers excited about hitting safer driving targets. By collecting data on driver behaviour, such as instances of speeding, harsh cornering, seat belt use and late braking, it is possible to assign each of your drivers a score based on their driving style.

These scores can then be used to rank every driver in your fleet. The safer drivers at the top and the less safe near the bottom. The ‘game’ for the driver is simple – improve their score through safer driving. The safer they drive, the higher they rank.

While it may sound a little frivolous or gimmicky, it is anything but. Gamification is hugely popular: the global gamification market is expected to grow to £14.7bn by 2023 – up from £1.65bn in 2017. And there’s already plenty of evidence to suggest that it works to improve safety, as well as productivity and efficiency. For example, Walmart recently saw a 54% decrease in safety incidents in its distribution centres since introducing gamification while Deloitte used the principle to improve engagement levels in its training programmes.

So, if you’re struggling to keep your drivers focused on safer and more efficient driving, gamification could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Gamification is just one of the many ways to improve the safety, efficiency and productivity of your fleet with the help of GPS fleet tracking. Click here for more information on driver management and safety.

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