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Get better visibility into fleet operations

With all-in-one integration to dispatching, scheduling and work order management solutions, our driver management software solution helps fleet managers monitor their crew and respond quickly to changing situations. Securely access driver information, including:

  • Skill set
  • Availability
  • Driving performance
  • Hours worked
  • Vehicle assignment changes

Find new ways to help improve driver performance

Our driver management systems provide many ways to measure and promote safe, economical and efficient driving across your fleet or trucking company.

Unsafe driving alerts

Back-office staff can receive alerts when harsh driving events occur to help identify which drivers need coaching on safe driving behaviours.

Driver assignment history

Managers have access to reports and historical data to quickly and easily see who was driving a fleet vehicle if they receive complaints.

Driver mobile app

Businesses can save on fuel costs and incentivise safety by creating competition among drivers, who can use a mobile app to access company benchmarks and track safety scores.

Gain insight from in-depth driver reports

See metrics on your drivers’ activities to help you address safety issues and streamline compliance.

Daily driver reports

See driver start times, arrival and departure times, stop locations and distance traveled to help improve productivity and payroll accuracy.

Driver safety reports

Uncover patterns of unwanted behaviour to coach your drivers and promote fleet safety.

Fuel management reports

Identify fuel card fraud and help reduce fuel consumption by monitoring excessive idling and other fuel-wasting behaviours.

Know who’s operating each vehicle

Know who’s operating each vehicle

The Verizon Connect driver tracking system, Driver ID, helps you identify the driver in near real time. With GPS trackers installed in your vehicles and a key fob assigned to each worker, you can:

  • Identify drivers and track their routes
  • Discover unsafe, costly driving behaviours
  • Coach your crew and promote safer driving

How Driver ID works

A unique telematics key fob will be associated with each driver, who will be required to use it when they want to use a company vehicle.

Step 1

When the vehicle is turned on, the driver will tap their key fob on the key reader. If the driver forgets, a loud buzzer will sound until they engage the key reader.

Step 2

The driver will hear a beep after they have been identified and associated with the vehicle.

Step 3

Your GPS tracking system will update your back-office telematics data, so you can track your crew.

Case study

Retail giant Dixons Carphone improves road risk management and drives efficiency with Verizon Connect

We looked into the Verizon Connect platform and liked what we saw. We liked the information we could get from the vehicle – such as warning lights, and deeper insight into the driver behaviour side of things.

Chris Georgiou
Head of Compliance UK&I Supply Chain & Operations
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